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When people boldly believed that the summer had begun and the pandemic was nearing its end, there was a temptation to look back and appreciate everything this horrific time taught us. But before summarizing the lesson, a delta variant appeared, destroying the introspective mood.

Now we are in a hopeful but cautious place where the number of cases is reduced and more aspects of our daily lives can proceed with relatively small restrictions.

It may be worth admitting that some things killed by the pandemic should never be returned, as things are rushing back to their previous state.

Before we learn all these difficult lessons on how to take care of ourselves and what really matters, they should stay away and be returned to the times gone by.

Let’s start with the salad bar. Anyway, these should have been left behind in the 80’s. Who decided it was a good idea to have a random stranger serve them from the same three-bean salad and bacon bowl tub? This concept seems to have become more hygienic with the introduction of the “sneezing guard”, but after nearly two years of virus education, it turns out that a slight overhang of plastic is not a way to stop the pathogen. The word “sneezing guard” alone is not appetizing. And by the way, what is hung on a chunk of mayonnaise is not actually counted as a salad. The salad bar is part of our unknowingly unhealthy past.

Another example of a bygone era: the pathogen Petri dish known as “office popcorn.” Possible scenario: At 3 pm, the belly roars, and the lunch room floats in the cubicle with an unmistakable aroma of synthetic butter and a slightly burnt bag. Everyone knows the rules. If someone makes popcorn in the office, they have to share or at least make obligatory gestures: “Do you want?”

Please decline. Consider all the hands already in the bag. If popcorn is sprinkled out of the bag and perhaps thrown into a large bowl mixed with some unbranded M & M, it’s a wider bowl for more hands. Some of those hands went directly from the bowl to the mouth and back into the bowl again.

We are familiar with it now. It wasn’t long ago that I shouted out loud, but I was wiping the cans I bought with my gloved hands at Safeway. Do not pay attention to the wind. Office food is a serving and should now be individually wrapped forever. Please bring it from home. Or you can work from home.

Another outdated concept is a packed gym and fitness centre. Even if other patrons faithfully wipe the sweat off the equipment and the gym manager sprays the handgrip with what’s in a water-soaked cleaner-unlabeled plastic bottle, in fact, everything The way you can get out of training is of bugs and essences of other random people who sweat, gasp and spit in that closed space.

How illogical it is to expose yourself to illness in pursuit of health. After what we have experienced, it probably doesn’t look the same. The gym needs a completely different design and concept, as well as better procedures.

And this is an explosion from the past and doesn’t need to be repeated in the future. It’s visibly sick and going to work. Yeah, it was once a sign of a hero and didn’t want anyone to have to cover for you. Now we know better. When you do that, you are a spreader, not a trooper.

Disinfected tables always beat popcorn communal bowls and salad bars. Danny de Gracia / Civil Beat / 2021

This last one isn’t a big suggestion, but it’s a wish: Oh, please, can I stop all the luncheons at the hotel ballroom conference and the Waikiki Awards supper? Can it be permanently replaced by a zoom meeting where no one needs to turn on the camera and everyone can get the job done while listening to a speech at home?

If there must be a luncheon and award banquet for the awards that people know they have already won, can everything be focused online for up to 50 minutes? Everyone can stay at home, wear comfortable clothes and eat what they like from their kitchen.

These events are always long moments of annoying conversations while plunging a fork into the miserable Teri Chicken thighs lined with ice cream scoops lined with watery lumps of vegetables and three decorative sesame seeds.

Some people have to love these events, or why are they such a staple in the white-collar work world? Some may navigate Waikiki’s traffic and enjoy awkward conversations. Some may like miserable terri chicken thighs and mahi mahi fillets and look forward to the rectangular cube of guava chiffon cake for dessert.

This is an opportunity to maintain healthy habits that you have struggled with, and even if you desperately miss a social gathering, you have the opportunity to abandon the social gathering you did not miss.

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