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Lee’s Summit Medical Marijuana Pharmacy Opens Despite State Delay – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2020-10-18 19:10:48 –

Lee’s Summit, Missouri — Medical marijuana pharmacies are open throughout Missouri, but of the 192 state-approved clinics, only one will open on Monday at Kansas City Metro.

Lee’s Summit Fresh.green, 1041 Northeast Sam Walton Lane received a green light, but was waiting for dozens of other pharmacies in the area to bring the goods to the shelves.

Employees of Third Street Dispensary, also at Lee’s Summit, are eager to establish.

“I really wanted a homely atmosphere, like stepping into someone’s house. They’re like I really want to spend time here.” 3rd Street Dispensary Dispensary Manager Kathryn Annen Told.

But due to pharmacy delays, they still have no products, so they have to wait a bit longer.

“It’s hard to wait, but we have great deals with great people,” said Cheryl Annen, co-owner of 3rd Street Dispensary.

The state has approved 60 licenses for cultivators, but only a few have been approved for distribution, so a backlog will be created for the products to hit the shelves.

“We’re on our toes, you know. We’re definitely working very hard,” said Dispensary Manager Mark “Jerk” Jones.

“It was hard to wait for the match,” said Jericho Heath, director of retail and marketing at Fresh Karma Dispensary.

Fresh Karma Dispensary has three locations: St. Joe’s Suff, Parkville and Lynnwood Boulevard across from Costco.

“This place (Linwood Blvd) will be the headquarters,” Heese said. “We are excited about this. It will be a 6,000 square foot location. We will be hosting multiple community outreach events.”

They are also waiting for more cultivation sites to grow marijuana so they can start a business.

“It’s anxious,” Heath said. “We are as excited as any other consumer in the state. We really want to get out there and provide safe, clean and accessible cannabis.”

When purchasing medical marijuana, you will need to bring your government-issued ID, a copy of your patient card, and a cash or debit card.

For more information on state medical marijuana, visit the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services websites.

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