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Another left-handed, 50-year-old former Masters Champion took the lead after a long Saturday at a Virginia country club.

Richmond, Virginia (AP) — After a long Saturday at the Virginia Country Club, another left-handed, 50-year-old former Masters Champion took the lead.

Phil Mickelson focused his attention on the Dominion Energy Charity Classic and tried to open his senior career with consecutive victories, but after it rained on Friday, Mike Weir got a little better on the 36th hole day. It was. The Canadians shot 68-63, reaching 13 under, leading Mickelson by three strokes to advance to the final round.

“I’m very happy with how I play today,” Weir said. “My way of thinking today was that I knew there were 36, so I wanted to get on the good rhythm of the day because there are so many holes. If I get on the good rhythm, I can get on a little and try it. I may have stumbled on the 18th hole a little in the first round, but it didn’t bother me too much and I just said, “Hey, I’m fine. It may have been a start. “

Mickelson shot 68-66. He won the PGA Tour Champions debut at Ozarks National in August.

“Having a cart makes it much easier to play 36,” Mickelson said. “I certainly enjoyed the day and I don’t feel that everything was overwhelmed as usual. I thought it was okay. I’m going to release a lot of shots and start working now, but tomorrow I’m in a good position to go to, and I hope I can put together a good round. “

He tried to be aggressive.

“I’m trying, man. I’m trying to attack,” Mickelson said. “I’m about to hit the driver to finish this course, but it’s difficult from the rough.”

Weir won the 2003 Masters in the largest of his eight PGA Tour titles. He was asked if he could remember the last time he slept on Reed.

“It’s been a long time,” said Weir. “It takes a while to come up with the last time. It’s been a while, so it feels good.”

Major champion Retief Goosen, along with Brandt Jobe, finished third with an 8-under. They shot 68-68 respectively.

“The course is great,” Goosen said. “Obviously I’ve been playing much longer than last year, the fairways are much cooler and wet, and par 3 has been playing longer and today par 3 is back. Yes, with this north wind, you too Play all par 5s towards the wind, and they are long, you have to hit two good stuff to get there. “

Bernhard Langer, the leader of the first round since the age of 67, has been 7 under with Wesshort Junior (69-68) since the age of 70 in the second round.

Former 50-year-old major champion Ernie Els, who won his second win of the season in North Carolina last week, fell 6 under at 72-66.

Another 50-year-old former major champion Jim Furyk, who won the first two senior starts, was five under after 71 and 68 rounds, alongside Mickelson and defending champion Miguel Angel Jimenez.

Jimenez shot 74-69 with one under.

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