Legal analyst reacts to verdict in Ahmaud Arbery trial – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-11-24 20:37:33 –

A Georgia jury has admitted that three men were found guilty of murder in the 25-year-old Amado Abarry’s shooting.

The shooting took place in February 2020. The jury reached the verdict on Wednesday after two days of 11 hours of deliberation.

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The triggering man, Travis McMichael, was found guilty of all nine indictments. These accusations included malicious murder, four felony murders, two weighted assaults, imprisonment, and attempted arrests.

McMichael’s father, Greg McMichael, was acquitted for malicious murder, but was found guilty of four felony murders and other misdemeanors.

McMichael’s neighbor William “Rodi” Brian was also found guilty of several felony murders.

ABC Action News professor, retired judge and legal analyst Jeff Swartz agreed with the ruling.

“My first reaction was that I thought the prosecution did a great job of presenting a case in which the defendant actually defended his attempt to arrest a civilian,” Jeff Swarts said.

The defense team claimed that three men acted for self-defense under the now abolished Georgia Citizen’s Arrest Act. Prosecutors chased Arbury because the three men claimed to be invaders and assumed he was black and he was a thief. Police said Arbury did not steal anything.

“If you are an invader, you can’t claim self-defense, and the jury seems to have found Mr Arbury trying to escape from these people and they’re chasing him. It was, “Swartz said.

“In this particular case, I think the jury understood it correctly. I think they saw one of the evidences. To watch the video they watched this morning and confirm it at that point. I heard the voice. The call was made at 911, and the caller’s mouth was only a black man running in the neighborhood. A black man who committed a felony, not a black man who had just committed a robbery. I wasn’t a man, “says Swarts.

Rev. Karl Soto, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Restoration Pork, also agreed with the ruling.

“This conviction is the beginning of the right direction to send a message that white supremacy is not upheld and racism is unacceptable,” said Rev. Soto.

“I was thrilled to learn that all three men were held accountable for participating in hate crimes and were held in court,” added Rev. Soto.

All the defendants are facing life imprisonment.

Legal analyst reacts to verdict in Ahmaud Arbery trial Source link Legal analyst reacts to verdict in Ahmaud Arbery trial

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