Legal Graphicworks and Aquino Trial Services New Joint Venture Provides Expert Seamless Litigation Support for Law Firms in the “New Normal” – Tampa, Florida

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Jim Lucas and Alicia Aquino

Florida –Legal Graphic WorksHeadquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, Aquino Trial ServiceHeadquartered in San Diego, Calif., Has announced a new joint venture that brings together the company’s unique expertise in litigation and trial support services to provide law firms with seamless solutions. Complicates virtual and logistic pre-planning. Combining Legal Graphicworks’ leadership in multimedia graphics, medical imaging, and court shorthand with Aquino’s award-winning trial technology talent, it was uniquely prepared to present a winning case in a changing world. It provides new end-to-end resources.According to a recent article in Domestic law reviewThe changes seen during the pandemic may continue long after the coronavirus disappears, so the “hybrid test” that emerged during the pandemic may continue.

Aquino Trial Services was launched shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic by founder Alicia Aquino, NCRA-certified Trial Technology Consultants, members of the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC), and members of the Online Courtroom Project’s Founding Advisory Board. rice field. She specializes in the legal industry by working with lawyers to seamlessly pivot between face-to-face and distance trials and provide a comprehensive suite of legal support services to help legal teams prepare and succeed in trials. Knowledge and leadership quickly became recognized. Jim Lucas, President of Legal Graphics, highlights Aquino’s talent and invites her to set up a joint venture to provide an integrated entity that provides an unparalleled range of expertise and services to coastal and coastal law firms. I built it.

“At Legal Graphic Works, we are always looking for talented people who exceed our clients’ expectations of expanding our services and winning all cases,” says Lucas. “Formerly a jury paralegal, Alicia has a very good understanding of what a lawyer needs and how to prepare a lawyer in any case, face-to-face or virtual. The quality of work is evident by lawyers and other jury and jury consultants who rely on her for legal project management, jury research, mock trials, graphics, and evidence presentation skills. “

Legal Graphicworks has focused on strategic growth in 2021. In addition to a joint venture with AquinoTrial Services, the company launched a new court reporting services division under the leadership of Debra Duran-Bornstein and acquired Legal Art Works in Jacksonville, Florida.

Aquino is excited to partner with Legal Graphicworks to join a strong team that can extend its clients and expand its footprint both inside and outside California.

“I grew my business by helping all my clients become better court lawyers, which makes sense to me,” said Aquino. “And from my own experience, I know that preparation and organization are the keys to seamless testing. With Aquino / LGW, clients can seamlessly try in this ever-changing environment. And you will be able to focus on winning cases. “

Aquino is particularly focused on working with young female lawyers, helping them build a reputation and company by giving them the best possible appearance in court. Her passion for helping others is also demonstrated through volunteering with homeless youth and the LGBTQ + community. She is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tom Hohmann LGBTQ Legal Association Foundation and a member of the ABA Women of Legal Tech Summit. Her leadership is recognized through notable awards such as the 2020 CEO of the Year, the 2021 Women of Impact in Law, and the 2019, 2020, and 2021 Top Tech Awards. San Diego Business Journal..

“Alicia’s profession and dedication to the community is something we admire and share,” Lucas said. “We know that we will have an extraordinary impact together in the coming years.”

Legal Graphic Works

Legal Graphic Works Created in 2010 by President Jim Lucas in response to the growing need for compelling and compelling presentations in court. The company provides law firms with litigation and trial support through innovative storytelling that makes it easier to understand complex information using multimedia empirical support such as animations, illustrations, and videos of everyday life. increase. Court reporting services are seamlessly integrated from discovery to trial, providing law firms with their own one-stop resource. The company is based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and New Orleans, LA, Houston, Texas, and San Diego. For more information on Legal Graphicworks, see Jim Lucas (1.800.577.8128) or Jim@LegalGraphicworks.com..

Legal Graphicworks and Aquino Trial Services New Joint Venture Provides Expert Seamless Litigation Support for Law Firms in the “New Normal”
Source link Legal Graphicworks and Aquino Trial Services New Joint Venture Provides Expert Seamless Litigation Support for Law Firms in the “New Normal”

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