Legal Marijuana Nominates New Candidate in Second Congress District-Twin Cities

2020-10-06 21:52:45 –

Minneapolis — According to a court document filed Tuesday, the Legal Marijuana Now Party has nominated Paula Oberby to run in the Second Parliamentary District of Minnesota after the death of candidate Adam Weeks last month.

The death of September 21 for several weeks triggered Minnesota law to move elections to February. Democratic Rep. Angie Craig said the election should take place in November and is calling on federal judges to block the change.
News of Overbee’s nomination was filed in court on Tuesday, when Tim Davis, co-chair of the Legal Marijuana Now Party, opposed the November elections, and the February special elections were a problem for his party in front of voters. Said to give time to resolve.

Under Minnesota law, if a candidate for a major political party dies within 79 days of the election date, a special election for the office must be held on the second Tuesday of February. Legal marijuana is currently a major political party in Minnesota and is based on legislation that qualifies minor parties if one of the state’s public office candidates wins at least 5% of the votes in recent elections. I will.

Davis said in a court filing that Craig’s successful November elections would affect marijuana statutory parties and other third-party voters in the state. He said that without special elections, members of his party would not have the right to choose by-elections in existing votes.

Overby recently faced US Senator Tina Smith in the Democratic primary, winning 5.3 percent of the votes. She also ran for US Senator Amy Klobuchar as a candidate for the Senate’s Greens in 2018, with less than one percent of the votes cast.

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