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According to family friends, Waikiki showroom headliner, TV actor, teacher and businessman Al Harrington died Tuesday night after suffering a stroke last week. He was 85 years old.

Born in Tausau Taa in American Samoa, Harrington was raised by her maternal grandmother until she was three years old, and her mother, Rera Suapia, joined her in Honolulu. She eventually married mainland-born Roy Harrington, who came to Hawaii while serving in the Army. Al was so close to his stepfather that he officially changed his name to Harrington.

Harrington attended Punahou (1954 class), played for the school’s championship soccer team, and participated in a theater program. He continued his education at Menlo College, then played soccer at Stanford, earned a degree in history and graduated.

Harrington’s field statistics gave him an offer from Baltimore Colts, but instead he spent two years on Mormon missionaries in Samoa where he regained his fluency in the language of his ancestors. I chose. After that, I returned to Hawaii and taught history and coached soccer in Punahou while basking in the moonlight at a tourist show in Waikiki.

In 1972, Harrington joined the cast of “Hawaii Five-0” as detective Bencoqua on behalf of Gilbert “Zulu” Kauhi (Kono) as a member of the Polynesian Five-0 team. Three years at Harrington’s show earned him international support.

When Harrington left the show, he worked full-time on entertainment and became the headliner and recording artist for the Waikiki showroom.

Harrington has brought a businessman’s approach to business.

He attended the school’s “tourism briefing” early in the morning, and visitors “marketed” various shows and other attractions. He worked with the driver so he didn’t have to look for a parking lot. At a dinner show at the Polynesian Palace Showroom on Lewers Street, Harrington went out during dinner to introduce himself from table to table and learn where each group came from. During the show, he dedicated a song to “My Friends from …”.

He also used his stage platform to educate visitors who came to see him. Harrington said that in addition to all the elements of a traditional “tourist show” and a little pidgin, the Hawaiians wanted the same thing that Americans everywhere else wanted. “Grass hut.”

Along the way, he made the feather headband a personal trademark. His mother would say he told him it was okay as long as his head didn’t get too big for the headband, but being a “man with a headband” makes it easier for visitors to remember him. Did.

Harrington retired as a Waikiki headliner in 1992. For the next 13 years, he lived on the mainland and worked in film in Utah and California. He returned to his visit in 1996 and appeared across Laura Buck (Desdemona) and Richard McPherson (Iago) in the title role of a radical rework of Kum Kahua’s “Othello”.

Harrington returned to Hawaii forever in 2005. A few years later, he returned to network television as a surf shop owner and bus driver Mamoka Hike on a “reboot” of “Hawaii Five-O.”

He was awarded the Hawaii Recording Arts Academy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.

Harrington is survived by his wife Rosa Harrington, sons Alema and Tau, daughter Kashi Harrington Palmer, and several grandchildren.

Legendary Hawaii entertainer Al Harrington dies at age 85 Source link Legendary Hawaii entertainer Al Harrington dies at age 85

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