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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2020-11-19 19:53:36 –

Frankfort, Kentucky (LEX 18) — There was a backlash minutes after Governor Andy Beshear announced the new COVID-19 limit.

Governor Bescher knew there was criticism, but believed that his actions would save lives and delay the spread of COVID-19.

“When dealing with COVID-19, behavior is unpopular, but not acting is fatal,” Bescher said.

Through individual statements, some Republicans have revealed that they are not satisfied with Governor Bescher’s new rules.

Speaker of the House David Osborne and Speaker of the Senate Robert Stevers have accused him of not seeking feedback from the legislature before the Governor made the decision. Since the beginning of the pandemic, lack of involvement has been a frustrating point for legislative leaders. Lawmakers have criticized Bescher for not involving them in the process.

On Wednesday, Bescher explained to lawmakers an hour before announcing his decision to the public. But lawmakers explain that the meeting is being told what will happen, rather than asking for feedback.

“”[Wednesday]The meeting was not a consultation and the governor did not seek the opinion of the legislative leaders. “

“We take this virus seriously, but it is not subject to his one-sided decision-making. Working with the legislature publishes his pre-determined edict 1 It means calling us an hour ago, “Osborn said. “This kind of movement is misleading, not leadership.”

Lawmakers also criticized the governor for not sharing data based on contact tracing to explain his restrictions.

“Where does contact tracing provide indicators and information that can be used to develop policies? I asked that question yesterday, and I think it was raised several times by the governor,” Stibers said. Stated. “I’m not trying to be critical. I’m trying to be constructive.”

Republicans currently have no formal plans to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Kentucky. However, we suggest using contact tracking data to issue more targeted limits.

LEX 18 asked Stevers about policies he wanted to see more than the governor’s limits, but said it would be impossible to say which policy was best without the proper data to support the decision. I didn’t answer.

But what they want is to have a say in the decisions the governor is making. Therefore, Republican legislative leaders have revealed that they will use their super-majority to limit administrative power in an emergency.

“We will definitely put in reporting requirements, measures, clearer and clearer ones, and consider the scope and duration of what the governor can do,” Stibers said.

The Kentucky Democratic Party defended the governor’s actions. The party’s chairman, Colmon Eridge, said the governor consulted with experts before making a decision.

“All decisions made by the Governor regarding the COVID-19 crisis are our spirit, including the ability to consult with public health professionals, gather together as a school, business, family to celebrate and mourn, and churches and places of worship. “Return to the place to feed,” said Mr. Eridge. “These decisions are not easy, but they were made for clear evidence of the spread of the virus in our community.”

Eridge criticized lawmakers for politicizing the public health crisis.

“As a nation and as a federation, we once respected the idea that science, not partisanship, defines our results in these times,” Elridge said. “Now is not the time for our leaders and civil servants to play people’s lives and politics, or take science seriously. People are dying. Small businesses are hurt. Color communities and qualities. The communities lacking access to high-priced, affordable health care are disproportionate. They are suffering and dying. “

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