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In “High Town” Season 2, your stakes will be even higher. HL has won creator Rebecca Cutter and an exclusive scoop on issues such as Lenny’s fallout betraying Ray and Lenny and Frankie’s issues.

High Town Back for Season 2 On October 17, at the end of the first season, many things went down, including Ray being fired after Lenny exposed their relationship and returned to Frankie. Hollywood Life Talked exclusively with the creator Rebecca cutter About everything in Season 2. When it comes to Ray and Lenny, Ray and Lenny regret how everything was fleshed out in Ray.

“With them, I think it’s always the case when two things are happening at the same time,” Rebecca said. “Both have used each other for their own purposes. Obviously there were many operations. There was a big betrayal. Still, there is a real feeling between them. She is always 2 I think she’s playing at one level. She’s playing chess games and playing with all her heart, so yes, I think she has regrets. “

Season 2 Lenny and Frankie (STARZ)

Even if Lenny returns with Frankie, that doesn’t mean she won’t cross the road with Ray someday. “I promise they will eventually chat,” the author added.

However, they both tackle their individual issues in Season 2. For one, Ray is struggling to be no longer in power. “He doesn’t handle it well,” Rebecca said about Ray being no longer a detective. “I think he still has high expectations, but they’re getting more and more shattered throughout the season. Much of Season 1 is that he’s hunting, so it’s really fun to see him in another way. I don’t want to say that his life isn’t purely hunting in Season 2, because much of Season 2 finds out how to do that as a civilian and ultimately Is a really fascinating and dangerous journey on his own. I think he and Jackie swapped positions in two seasons. It’s really fun to explore. “

Lenny reunited with Frankie after being released from prison, but things wouldn’t be perfect between them. “I think they’re still hot on each other,” Rebecca said. “I think she’s seeing a guy who fell in love when she was young. But I’m sure she believes more. Frankie is the game she needs to play. I think I’m happy with her as long as I’m playing. As soon as she deviates from it, there’s a struggle. “

Adding Frankie’s cousin to a photo causes problems for Lenny and Frankie. “I think he’s a real wildcard,” the creator made fun of. “I think everyone in Season 1 always had a plan. Osito always had a plan. So I think Jackie was a kind of wildcard. But Jorge, Luis Guzman, It’s really explosive from the moment you meet him and doesn’t always make decisions in his brain. He’s just an explosive character, let’s say that. “

High Town
Season 2 Jackie and Ray. (STARZ)

As for Jackie, Rebecca said after Junior’s death, “Chase FrankieBy insisting on her new role. She thinks she’s processing her emotions this season, just as Ray processed his emotions in Season 1. In many ways, I think she certainly looks better at the beginning of the season. But I think the problem this season is that you may have shifted to a healthier pastime, did she really work? And I think it raises a really interesting question to really find out why she first drank and used it. I don’t want to spoil anything, but surely she goes on a journey with it. “

When Jackie joins forces, she gets a new partner in Leslie. “They are just two women on the floor,” Rebecca said. “I think they both have some kind of tip on their shoulders. They decided to team up and work together to file a proceeding and give them their name. Both are very ambitious. Leslie is a target, especially Jackie really admires. And, of course, she’s a pretty girl, so you need to see how Jackie reacts to it. ” High Town Season 2 will air on STARZ on Sunday.

Lenny “Regrets” Betraying Ray & More Scoop — Interview – Hollywood Life

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