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Les Miles and LSU sexual harassment allegations: 5 things to know about settlement, lawsuit | LSU – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Les Miles is currently the head coach of the University of Kansas, but that was his element LSU The tenure that drew the headline for this week.

They were inspired by a revelation of reconciliation 10 years ago that many years of Tigers coaches reached with their students. This was first reported by The Advocate’s. Andrea Garo And Brooks Cubena Tuesday afternoon.

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LSU coach lawyers are also at the center of a legal battle with another press over the release of records of investigations years before joining the program.

But what are the key factors to know prior to discoveries from the large-scale investigations underway at LSU? Scroll down to see a breakdown of five things you need to know about reconciliation, past research, future reports, and more.

Reconciliation involved

The settlement revealed this week occurred about 10 years ago, when LSU and Miles were working to close a multi-year contract extension. The complaint involved an LSU intern who accused the Tigers football coach of “beating her.”

Little is known about the terms of the settlement at this time, but LSU officials confirmed hearing about the settlement on Wednesday, but said the university was not a party to the settlement and had never seen it.

Alexandra Reyes considered there was an airtight case of sexual misconduct for the LSU to investigate.

What Miles had to say

When it reached this week, Miles denied allegations that he had advanced his students.

“That’s not true,” he said.

Miles did not directly address the question about the settlement.

Peter Ginsburg, a long-time lawyer for Miles based in New York, said the explanation for the settlement was “clearly incomplete and inaccurate.” He did not answer follow-up questions about the existence of a settlement.

Where the news came from

Reconciliation Larger probe Regarding the handling of LSU’s allegations of sexual misconduct and domestic violence in universities and their athletic programs. LSU has hired law firm Husch Blackwell to carry out the investigation.

The company plans to file a report later next week on the findings of the current LSU head coach, Ed Orgelon, during his tenure.

An external law firm investigating the handling of LSU sexual assault and domestic violence cases encouraged students to meet and share with them …

Another survey

Miles was the subject of a sexual harassment survey in 2013, USA Today reported Wednesday.

USA Today-This I broke the story in November It prompted a larger investigation-the investigation was reported to include allegations that Miles had sexually harassed student workers and made sexist comments about others. They reported that Miles’ actions were considered inappropriate, but LSU refused to discipline him.

According to a USA Today survey, LSU mishandled sexual misconduct complaints against students, including top athletes.

The request for a copy of the investigation was denied by an LSU lawyer citing the Louisiana Constitution and Miles’ right to privacy. Since then, USA Today has filed a proceeding against LSU, whose lawyer claims that Miles’ celebrity level in Louisiana and celebrity status at public universities justified the release of the record.

Miles’ lawyer joined the proceeding, stating that the record “has little to do with the legitimate subject of the public interest.”

The status of the proceeding

Judge Chipmoor of the Baton Rouge district will hold a hearing on March 30 to decide whether to make the mileage report publicly available.

Miles lawyer New Orleans-based J. Christopher Zainy Jr. and Ginsburg have previously petitioned law firm Taylor Porter for a court-issued restraint order prohibiting LSUs from disclosing records from investigations. I submitted. Moore granted the order, but he and the lawyer each had the opportunity to check the records.

LSU and USA Today lawyers remain ordered not to disclose these records until Moore reaches a decision. It is not yet known how the order could affect Hash Blackwell’s ability to refer to Taylor Porter’s research in reviews.

Advocate reporters Andrea Garo and Brooks Cuvena contributed to this report.

The LSU is being investigated by the US Department of Education on how universities report and investigate crimes on campus.

Les Miles and LSU sexual harassment allegations: 5 things to know about settlement, lawsuit | LSU Source link Les Miles and LSU sexual harassment allegations: 5 things to know about settlement, lawsuit | LSU

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