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NSVase on radio or TV France, And it’s darkness and fate from the first morning headline to the last late bulletin. We are told that France is declining at the end of life. Primarily, right-wing presidential aspirants who are competing in the race for who can give the darkest and most disastrous warning about the future that will not be voted on by the Elysee Palace next April.

Declinism is a la mode. bleak is the new black.What the French call these nostalgic providers morosité Rally calls from Donald Trump that only they can “make France great again” are driving the country into one of its regular existential crises.

“We’re hearing about the decline, the improvement of the previous situation, the loss of France’s position in the world … it’s a picture of pessimism,” said the prestigious Jean Jaurès Foundation social scientist Antoine. Bristil says.

“Currently there are 75% of countries that believe France has declined, and this decline is irreversible. And it is not only that they believed they were better before, but that they would be even worse in the future. It is. “

Far-right political critic turns to presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, That 2014 book Suicide in France It was the pessimists of the country who lamented the loss of the “soul” of the country.

Zemmour claims that France has declined since Napoleon’s defeat in Waterloo and supports the far-right “great alternative” conspiracy theory that Islamic immigrants have replaced indigenous peoples. Bristielle said: “Looking at how people voted in 2017, this decline and pessimism thoughts [political] Far right, especially far right.Eric Zemmour with Napoleon Trente GloreuseNS [the 30-year economic boom after the second world war] And the idea that if you don’t vote for him, the catastrophic situation will be even more so. ”

French far-right media expert Eric Zemmour announced his candidacy for the 2022 presidential election in a video broadcast on social media last week. Photo: Thomas Samsung / AFP / Getty Images

He added that polls consistently show that people’s top-priority elections are spending power and the environment, even though right-wing discourse has saturated French radio waves. “The real worry is that other parties can’t show a more attractive future and reassure the public,” Bristil said. “This pessimism is central to building a battle on the far right. It’s like making America great again. There are clear similarities between Zemmour and Trump. And at this point, This message from the right is all we hear. “

But as Emmanuel Macron likes to say, en même temps [at the same time] Impressive paradox. Out on the street, people are far from downcasting. Bars and restaurants are vibrant, and unlike many on High Street in the UK, the stores are still open and instead of being depressed, the French tell pollsters that they are happy. increase.

“In the post-Covid crisis world, the French have returned to their essence,” said pollster Elabe. Baromètre des Territoires 2021 Research Last month, 60% were convinced that the country was the wrong way, while 78% suggested they were happy. “Of course, there were illnesses, victims, deaths, sufferings … but in the end, this situation rediscovered us and reconsidered the elements of happiness.” These necessities suggested by pollsters It wasn’t a “consumer society pollster” like a smartphone or a nice car that “looks almost ridiculed” now.

Claudia Scenic, an economist at the Paris School of Economics and director of the Well-Being Observatory, which maps the highs and lows of French morale, agrees:People remember last year [of Covid] They’re happy now because they’re terrible It’s a cycle, but we’re in a happy stage right now.

“We can follow the fluctuations of happiness, life satisfaction, optimism, and now … it’s a really high life in terms of satisfaction. People are working, consumers are spending, and it’s very dynamic. I feel it. “

Not all French are happy.Gillette Jones [yellow vest] Protesters resurfaced after the blockade of Covid, the clash with police, and the French. Guadeloupe residents riot, Protesting the restrictions on the coronavirus, recently looted and set up a street barricade.

Despite rising energy prices, supply chain delays, declining industrial production, and a new surge in Covid cases, there are many reasons why French people are well. Unemployment will fall, jobs will be created, the economy is expected to grow by 6% this year, living standards will improve, and after two blockades, people will have the savings to spend on Christmas.

Scénic says the French have a contradictory attitude towards happiness, “always dreaming of something better.”

Pollster IFOP Jérôme Fourquet was asked to explain that 75% said France was declining, while 78% said they were happy. In the country, we are often record holders in the dark. Things are okay when asked about their personal situation. “

“There is a gap between the highly invested individual territories and the struggling ability for collective forecasting. Until recently, the French have the illusion that we are one of the world’s greatest powers. It was placed below. There is a gap between the very strong memory of France in Dogorism and the reality of France, which is now middle-powered and plagued its citizens. “

Gaël Brulé, author and researcher of happiness, said: [many] The paradox of happiness in France lies in the fact that it is aroused in the collective, but lives lonely.

“Covid has accelerated this trend, played a spectacular role and pushed central and metaphysical questions into the heart of our lives. Why am I doing this? Life? What is the purpose of? Where is my place? “He said Marianne magazine.

Newspaper reports show that the French are looking at the famous antidote to the blues. Chocolate is now enjoying the unprecedented boom of “getting rid of melancholy.”

Les Miserables?In fact, the French claim they are happier than ever | Kim Wilshere in Paris

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