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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —Across the state, less than half of Arizona’s high school graduates enrolled in a four- or two-year program. report According to the Arizona State Board. In 2019, about 66% of state high school graduates enrolled in college. This year, that number will drop to 46.3%.

The report details that this decline is a concern as it affects the quality of the workforce and the Arizona labor market.

ABOR Managing Director John Arnold said he knew that the number of enrolled students would hurt the pandemic.

“We weren’t surprised because this is, of course, a pandemic-influenced 2020 graduate, but it exacerbated existing problems,” Arnold said.

According to Arnold, the number of registrants has declined and Arizona has consistently fallen below the national average for the third consecutive year. He said the cost is to keep students away.

“There is an information gap. We need to do a better job to inform students and families about what financial assistance is available, what requirements and how to apply it. “

Arnold also said that having qualified teachers in the classroom would result in intriguing students to going to college. Kasey Urquidez, Dean of the University of Arizona’s Undergraduate Admissions Department, said recording the number of international student enrollments helped maintain the overall enrollment.

“We were able to sustain that increase until 2021, but it doesn’t help address the bigger question of why high school graduates don’t choose to go to secondary school,” she said. Told.

She said her goal was to inform students and families about the opportunities available to go to college. And she said college isn’t just about classes and tests, it’s about growing up in adulthood.

“We know there are great students who don’t know what to do,” Urquidez said. “So we are going to take that lens and apply it to work with family and high school counselors to get that information.”

She said UA has partnered with the Sunnyside School District to have staff at the school to inform students about the university.


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