‘Let’s Go Brandon’ stores open on South Shore – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2021-12-06 19:52:53 –


The phrase derives from the NASCAR Race incident in October and has evolved into a coded way to insult President Joe Biden.

2 stores Trump-themed items and Joe Biden’s insults Recently opened on the South Shore.

Let’s Go Brandon stores in Somerset and Attleboro are headed by New England for Keith Lambert of Trump. Fall River Reporter..

NS The name comes from At the NASCAR race on October 2, a TV sports reporter interviewed driver Brandon Brown and the crowd chanted “F-Joe Biden.” Reporters suggest they are saying, “Let’s go to Brandon,” and the phrase becomes a coded way for Republicans to insult the president.

Items sold in stores include T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, gloves, bumper stickers, mugs, pins, flags and coins. Reporter..

according to TV station WJARThe store also sells signs such as “The Second Amendment to the Constitution is my gun permit” and “American-made gods, guns, and guts.” Let’s keep all three. “” Don’t let the Democrats vote if I die. “

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ stores open on South Shore Source link ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ stores open on South Shore

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