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Oakland, California 2021-03-15 19:30:18 –

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Vaccine, denial of masks like “Death Wish”

I think too many science classes have grown up to start understanding anti-maskers and anti-bakers. I don’t know how much evidence one person needs to reach a conclusion. As of March 10, COVID-19 has killed 541,943 people in the United States and has nearly 30 million cases in the United States. Not wearing a mask or getting vaccinated when it’s your turn seems to want it.

I suspect some Hollywood studios are making blockbuster movies about pandemics, anti-maskers, and anti-bakers. If Charles Bronson “]was still alive, he could star as a male reed and the movie could be titled” Death Wish VI “.

Bob BensonLafayette

Semantics of misused expressions

I often see and hear certain misused (and overused) expressions, but the East Bay Times should be familiar with them.

Associated Press article “U.S. narrows down to organized radicals“(Page A4, March 11),” Proud Boys and Orskiper are just a few of the more than 300 Trump supporters indicted so far. ” It doesn’t tell us anything because you don’t need a math genius to know that a fraction of 300 is any number from 0 to 300. You have to say “small fraction”, “small fraction”, or “big fraction”. “please teach me.

Better yet, if you have enough knowledge to estimate a fraction, say how many were there (for example, “about 20 out of over 300”). As a news agency, above all, if you know them, give us confirmed facts (eg “306-21”).

Meg BrosnanRedwood City

Garland Right AG tackles racial issues

Getting former judge Merrick Garland to deal with inequality and discrimination against black Americans in the judicial system is enormous (“Garland AG bids move forward, “Page A4, March 2nd). I sighed a great relief when I saw the new leaders of the government acknowledge and worry about the issue.

This new Attorney General is the right change needed at the moment and has great expectations for the former judge. Garland seems to really care about the issues surrounding racial disparities in this country.

As long as we are willing to tackle these issues, it is time to speak through action. We need to prioritize taking appropriate steps to enact new policies that will bring about real change as soon as possible.

Sydney TreganoSan Jose

Time to repay students for COVID sacrifice

For the past 12 months, it has become clear enough that educational leadership primarily represents the interests of at-risk adults: teachers, counselors and staff.

As a pediatrician, let me admit all these heroes. COVID-19 is documented to have minimal clinical benefit to students. Yet for us, they can never give up everything and regain this important formative year.

My colleagues and I work daily with suicidal ideation, abortion, eating disorders, ADHD, school dropouts, and severe depression. Our young people are suffering from social isolation.

Now that it is possible to return completely to the classroom, educators will do their utmost to pay off student sacrifices, pay attention to what they need now, and prioritize dynamic face-to-face academic and collaborative curriculum experiences I hope I will do my best. Say “yes” to the students in gratitude for the sacrifice.

Peggy DeslarAuckland

Unsafe classroom without ventilation

Re: (““6 feet or 3 feet — how much space do you have to keep your students safe?(Page A1, March 12): Readers need to know that inhaling someone else’s breath is what conveys COVID. The exhaled breath contains very small invisible particles called aerosols. When someone gets infected, the exhaled aerosol carries the virus. Others get infected when they breathe in shared air.

Aerosols cause the most exposure at close range where masks and distances are used for protection. However, aerosols travel long distances in the airflow and accumulate in the room while floating, causing long-distance exposure. Ventilation and filtration are required to correct long-range exposure.

Aerosols do not follow the boundaries of 3 or 6 feet, and those ideas create a false sense of security. Public classrooms in California in 2020 were much more crowded than that.

Karen cornAuckland

Corporate America is responsible for the COVID crisis

One year of COVID. Over 530,000 people have died. Millions of unemployed. An additional $ 6 trillion in debt. All the consequences of giving US companies what they wanted 30 years ago: the right to export US manufacturing to Third World countries and import the resulting goods tariff-free.

These countries have loose practices that allow humans and livestock to live together in the fresh market, making them an ideal environment for creating deadly viruses like COVID. A company employee brought back a COVID on a business trip to manage an overseas business. The economic boom in these countries did not end wet markets and loose practices, but instead boosted their growth. Therefore, more pandemics will follow.

Corporate America has hampered our response by exporting PPE manufacturing, tax cuts, eliminating pandemic response plans, and funding political parties that have downplayed COVID and masks.

Corporate America no longer pays significant federal income taxes. You will have to pay to fix this.

Hull JaegerPleasant Hill

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