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COVI Defforts must be maintained in the face of spikes

Re. “After months of measures to stop the pandemic, the public is” really tired of this. “” November 16:

Why can’t we all pay attention? If all of us were careful at the beginning of the pandemic, we would be well on our way to a true resumption of normal activity.

Instead, we’re sliding back all the way. If all of us can pay attention to the basic steps to fight the virus, we will recover. This is neither political nor economic. This is healthy.

Just do the right thing. Wear a mask, keep a social distance, and wash your hands frequently.


Costco’s challenge must end in Pleasanton

Pleasanton citizens for responsible growth have once again lost their efforts to thwart the Pleasanton Costco project (“Pleasanton has won the latest Costco court battle, but is it fighting?” November 17th), but still say they may continue their efforts once reviewed.

The bill was voted and approved by the public. Doesn’t it act as a kind of signal? People talked. The city council spoke. The higher court spoke. Time to give it up. This project is a well-planned good idea. Let’s wake it up.

George BienPleasanton

Don’t water the Brown Act reform

I’m Sean Landress (“COVID-19 shows that California’s Brown Law needs to be updated”, November 8) and Suburbert (“Brown Law Reform is the Right Call”. , November 11), in support of a call for an update to California’s Brown Law. East Bay Times.

Ralph M Brown in 1953 listed the rights of citizens to attend municipal meetings. It checked the power of local governments, just as the 1791 ratification of the Bill of Rights checked the power of the federal government by listing the rights of the public with certain restrictions and prohibitions.

The call for a “brown law update” in this era of pandemic and municipal zoom conferences could be carried out by the state legislature. The danger is that local governments lobby lawmakers who want to weaken their citizens’ rights to Brown law.

Jim MordecaiAuckland

Support Georgia’s GOP Senator as a safeguard

Re. “Democrats still have something to do: Senate” November 13:

When I read the above letter, I noticed a lot of concerns.

It is my right to have a different belief than the author without being considered a member of a tyrannical minority. The Senate votes for conscience just like the other person. As recently 73 million have shown, the “dangerous ideology” he finds unacceptable is still there. By trying to silence us, we ensure that those who do not recognize our rights can hear our voice.

It is not this “minority tyranny” that has lasted long enough, but the immorality of those who believe in their own way without compromise is the only way.

Yes, there is still work to be done. A “conservative grip of power” is a protective measure that prevents our country from being handed over to the abyss where we may never come out.

Page EllisWalnut Creek

Large companies can help the GOP accept elections

With many Republican politicians downplaying or denying Joe Biden’s presidential election, there is a very easy way for big companies to change their tone.

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