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Renewables held upduring recent blackouts

Re. “Energy ‘new normal’ is intolerable,” Aug. 25:

As a fellow Bay Area resident, I fully appreciate John McLaurin’s frustrations and concerns, but they are absolutely misguided.

Analyses in the aftermath of the rolling blackouts have shown that not only were renewable energy sources functioning at normal capacity, but they actually could have been running at a HIGHER capacity to compensate for the shutoffs from fossil fuel sources.

In addition, a number of providers actually reached out to solar-paneled homes in their network to add their surplus energy back into the grid.

Finally, beyond the fact that renewable sources were actually the most reliable in the face of the heatwave, disparaging our transition to renewable energy is a step backward. We can’t treat this epidemic of extreme weather events using the virus of fossil fuels that have caused it.

Skylar KnightSan Francisco

Council OK on Terracesproject is wrong call

It was nice that Lafayette Vice Mayor Susan Candell was able to appease her base and vote no on the Terraces at Deer Hill project (“Council approves Terraces project,” Aug. 26) without actually affecting the outcome so that the city avoids $15 million in fines and legal fees.

We will now have 315 more neighbors. On the other hand, we could have had sports fields, trails, a dog park, a tot lot and additional parking near Acalanes High School. That’s called cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Mark SarconiLafayette

Letter addresses Demswithout citing GOP fraud

Mike Heller insinuates that only Democrats engage in ballot fraud (“To thwart fraud, vote in person,” Aug. 27) while conveniently neglecting to cite cases such as the North Carolina GOP official who was charged with felony ballot tampering last year in a congressional race.

Vote-by-mail makes voting more convenient for working people who don’t get paid time off to vote as well as those with mobility or health issues for whom voting in person is a burden. Republican states consistently suppress vote-by-mail by requiring a valid reason and other onerous requirements to request an absentee ballot.

Some studies have shown that larger voter turnout favors more progressive candidates, so it’s no surprise that conservatives want to suppress the vote any way they can.

Michael KrausnickDublin

This city was luckyto have Rick Doyle

Re: Longtime San Jose city attorney Rick Doyle dies just weeks after retiring

I had the opportunity to work with Rich Doyle when he was a deputy city attorney and then when he was the city attorney of the city of San Jose. (Doyle also served as city attorney of Concord.)

He was a remarkable individual, ethical to the core, fair and even-handed in his legal determinations, and just a really fine person. It reminds me that at times we see so few with those qualities at a national level but at the local government level we see many fine examples of that.

Rick was that kind of person, imbued with integrity, intellect and the courage to take positions which were the right thing to do but not always popular. The city was blessed to have him as one of its key leaders for as long as it did.

Les WhiteFormer San Jose city managerAptos

Urge Congress to acton suicide prevention

September is Suicide Prevention Month and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention‘s theme for the month is to #KeepGoing, by taking simple actions to safeguard our mental health and save lives.

One action I’m taking is to urge my public officials to prioritize suicide prevention and mental health. It is vital that Congress pass the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act (H.R.4194/S.2661) to make a three-digit number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline a reality.

As someone who lost a daughter to suicide, and who has family members who struggle with depression and mental illness, I know without a doubt that this new option will save lives.

Together, we #KeepGoing.

Tara KuckBrentwood

Hypocrisy over ‘America’on display at convention

I can’t believe how hypocritical the Republicans are: During the convention, they went on and on and on about “America,” when they really meant “the United States of America.”

Don’t they realize that when they say “America” they are talking about three whole continents, which include countries like Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, etc?

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