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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-10-18 14:32:01 –

Madison, Connecticut — A company, regardless of the journey of life Better Rhodes Pour and pour it in the hope that the customer will bypass it.

“As the name of the company suggests, there are different paths and journeys people take,” said Chris Becker, founder of Better Rhodes.

In addition to sparkling water and soda, this includes people looking for alternatives to alcohol, a challenge Becker has encountered on his own. While on vacation with his family, he went looking for alcohol-free beer and discovered a whole new business opportunity.

“It all started with trying to solve the problem myself,” he said. “So I came up with the idea that there might be other people like me who would probably want to sample and taste this space they didn’t even know existed.”

Two years later, it became partly a face-to-face tasting room and partly sold online. Better Rhodes We have all the alcohol-free beers, wines and other spirits from around the world.

“We have the most alcohol-free products in North America,” says Becker.

Sales of alcohol-free beverages such as beer and wine are growing.

An industry group that tracks alcohol sales found In short, in the low-alcohol-free sector, sales in 2020 increased 4.5% year-on-year. By 2024, they are forecasting explosive growth, with US sales increasing by more than 31%.

“There is more and more movement about careful drinking and calm curiosity,” Becker said.

Traditional liquor businesses are paying attention.

“You are starting to see traditional winemakers and traditional ones from California, Europe and Germany. Wherever you associate a good wine, they are all starting to make alcohol-free wines. “I will,” said Andrew Chartier. Better Rhodes.

The Better Rhodes Warehouse in Connecticut is preparing for the expected busy holiday season ahead of the so-called “dry January,” when people refrain from drinking after the New Year.

“We have more than 250 products that people can choose from,” said Chartier.

Well, but how about the taste? I decided to try the alcohol-free margarita. It had a kick on it.

“Many of our tequila alternatives are mixed with spices such as cayenne pepper and some spicy peppers, giving them a real kick from traditionally made tequila,” Char said. Tie said.

This is a kind of taste test that Better Rhodes encouraged the tasting room to expand and open.

“Growth over the past year has been pretty astounding,” Becker said.

It’s the trajectory they want to continue.

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