Lewis Hamilton wins Russian Grand Prix in F1 race 100th victory

Sochi, Russia — Lewis Hamilton Became the first F1 driver to win 100 races in Russia Grand Prix To regain the championship lead on Sunday Max Verstappen..

Hamilton fell to 7th place when boxed in at the first corner, but counterattacked and passed Lando Norris to win. McLaren The driver stayed on slick tires in the slow rain and slipped off the track.

“It took a long time to reach 100, and sometimes I wasn’t sure if it would come,” Hamilton said. Hamilton is the fifth win of the season and the first win since the British Grand Prix in July.

“It’s a magical moment,” Hamilton said. “I was still here and dreamed of winning these races and having this opportunity to drive with such an extraordinary talent later in my career.”

Hamilton turned Verstappen’s five-point championship lead into his own two-point lead after a Dutch driver made a dramatic drive from the end on the grid and finished second. Carlos Sainz led the race early and finished in 3rd place. Ferrari..

After his tough start, Hamilton began to rise with a tough overtaking around the outside Fernando Alonso, A duel with Echo of the season as a teammate when Hamilton was a rookie in 2007.

Verstappen finally started after a penalty for his engine replacement Red bull However, I sliced ​​the field and saw Hamilton in the middle.Hamilton Mercedes Hard tires worked better in the second half of the race, and Verstappen seemed to have stopped charging as he was overtaken by Alonso’s Alpine and stuck in 7th place.

However, after that it rained, Verstappen was able to switch to intermediate tires early on, gaining an unexpected podium and limiting the damage to expectations for the first title.

“It’s really, really good, because I didn’t lose so many points today,” Verstappen told his team on the radio. One of the remaining important questions of the season is whether Hamilton also needs to be penalized with an additional engine.

In Sochi, where flat trucks mean that water drains slowly, it doesn’t rain much to make a difference.

Norris dragged in 7th place after gambling didn’t stay on dry tires, despite being warned by the team about how slippery the track was. If it doesn’t rain, Hamilton says: He was at a great pace. After Daniel Ricciardo won the last race, Norris was aiming to give McLaren consecutive victories. Italy When Hamilton and Verstappen collide.

Hamilton has now won the Russian Grand Prix five out of eight, and his victory on Sunday continues to wipe out his victory in Russia. Mercedes car..

Ricardo slightly missed McLaren’s podium in 4th place, while Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas was 5th after a turbulent race in Finland. Mercedes’ decision to replace the engine of Bottas’ car and penalize it led to speculation that the team had deployed Bottas to maintain Verstappen, but the team denied this. Anyway, it didn’t take long for Verstappen to raid Botta.

Alonso is sixth for Alpine with Norris Alfa Romeo Kimi Raikkonen. Sergio Perez’s second Red Bull scored 9th and George Russell scored Williams’ final point in 10th. Russell passed the qualifying in 3rd place, holding down the cars behind him early in the race, including his teammate Hamilton at Mercedes next year.

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Lewis Hamilton wins Russian Grand Prix in F1 race 100th victory

Source link Lewis Hamilton wins Russian Grand Prix in F1 race 100th victory

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