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2020-10-18 14:08:07 –

Stillwater, Minnesota — Jason Lewis’s strategy to knock out Democratic US Senator Tina Smith has been clear for over a year. For better or for worse, former Congressman is in full agreement with President Donald Trump.

Lewis, a former member of the House of Representatives who has been best known since his time as the moderator of a conservative talk radio known as “Mr. Right of Minnesota,” is a coronavirus in the state where George Floyd was killed. Emphasizes their common opposition to the restrictions, support of law and order. Need to put Amy Coney Barrett in the Supreme Court.

“All these issues surrounding life, freedom and property are being voted on,” Lewis told supporters at a recent voting rally in Stillwater. “What is actually being voted on is whether to adopt constitutional republic or mob rule.”

Trump frequently checked his name and returned his love at recent rallies in Mankato, Bemidji and Duluth. Lewis was part of a welcome committee of four when Trump arrived in Minneapolis on a recent visit. He’s in another cabin, but now on Air Force One he flies with Trump to Duluth.

However, it is not clear that the strategy is working.

In a recent New York Times / University of Siena poll, Smith took a nine-point lead over Lewis. This is the same margin that the same poll gave Biden to Trump in Minnesota. After entering Whiskers in 2016, Trump, who frequently talked about occupying Minnesota this year, recently cut back on ad purchases in the state. And the race isn’t on the list of major handicaps in the Senate that are likely to flip.

And in a year when Senate rule was out of balance, the race didn’t attract much external spending, leaving Smith with huge money benefits until the end of the summer.

Lewis acknowledged his financial handicap in an interview. But he said he sees a large “enthusiasm gap” between Republicans and Democrats in much of Minnesota. Minneapolis-It’s almost a conservative part outside of Cent. Paul Metro Area — And I believe it puts him on.

Smith argued in another interview that there was no gap in enthusiasm. Instead, she said she had a strong desire to “return the country to the right track” wherever she went.

“I hear from people every day about how tired they are of division, confusion and fear. They are looking for leadership in connecting us and finding a common foundation,” Smith said. “They now admit that there is a real division in our community, but they don’t want to see gas thrown into the flame.”

Senators are in an unusual position to defend their seats for the first time in two years. She was Vice Governor of Governor Mark Dayton when he appointed her to the seat in 2017 after Senator Al Franken resigned. Smith surpassed Republican Senator Karin Hausley by nearly 11 points in 2018 in a special election to complete Franken’s term.

Smith has received less attention than Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. Since enjoying the reelection in 2018, Amy Klobuchar has made a name for himself by running for president. Trump aimed to make Smith unobtrusive at his recent rally in the state.

“You have a senator he opposes. I don’t even mention his name. She doesn’t do anything. No one knows who she is,” Trump said in Bemidji.

But Smith, who has worked to build his image as a leading legislator, said he was proud to have obtained more than 20 law-signed laws.

“I think compromise is a virtue, not an evil, because I know how to work across party boundaries,” she said.

Senator is navigating how to campaign both in a pandemic and in the work that has kept her in Washington for most of the campaign season. Last Friday, she appeared in a health care forum via Zoom, blaming Trump “at our grand point” to dismantle the Obama administration’s health care review. She devoted her weekend to face-to-face events — with social distance and face masks. First there was a small business tour of Weight Park, Wilmar, Morris and Fergus Falls. After that, she headed for voting events in Duluth and Chisholm.

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