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Lexington, Kentucky (LEX 18) — You may find that more and more salespeople are door-to-door selling a variety of products during this time. Bates Security LLC, a locally owned commercial and home security provider, warns homeowners in central Kentucky about fake home security salespeople.

Bryan Bates, vice president of Bates Security, could have out-of-town outfits appear at home without notice and use his trust with the provider to act as if they belonged to his security company. It states that there is.

“They trick you into tricking you into thinking you’re with Bates Security and tricking you into switching to their services,” says Bates. “They apply high-pressure sales tactics and are bound by a five-year contract that they don’t realize they’re signing.”

Bates warns that Bates Security employees will not come to your home without prior reservation and will always carry an ID badge indicating that they are Bates Security employees. Bates Security encourages homeowners to be aware of these signs of home security scams.

These sales reps include at least one of the following in their sales pitch:

  • Insist on appearing and entering your home without appointments.
  • Request access to the security system or notify that the system has been recalled, needs to be replaced or repaired, or the communicator needs to be replaced.
  • Indicates that the current home security provider is closed, does not serve in the area, or has been sold to the company.
  • You will be asked to sign a new contract in order to continue your security services by impersonating your current provider.
  • View fake documentation to support the claim that you need access to the system.
  • Use high-pressure tactics to force you to sign new contracts on the fly and not allow you to contact your current provider.

With the approach from these sales reps, you need to do the following:

  • Don’t let them in. If they say they need to come, the company should call you and ask you to make an appointment. If you are told to leave and are refused, call the police.
  • Request a business card or company phone or website. Ask for your email or mailing address for your records.
  • Tell them that you need more time to think about it. Use to do some research on your company. Better Business Bureau..
  • If you enter into a contract with these scams, the law requires the salesperson to notify you of this right and enclose two copies of the cancellation form (one in storage and the other in return) in the contract. there is. If your salesperson does not provide these forms, please contact the State Attorney General’s office for assistance. You can also file a company complaint in the following ways: FTC Complaint Assistant point.

Learn more about Lexington-based home security. Bates security..

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