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Lexington, Kentucky (LEX 18) — A local program dedicated to teaching teens in Lexington is traumatized by the loss of a fourth participant due to gun violence. Currently, the director of the Youth Program is thinking about the huge loss and importance of the program in our community.

The· Lexington Leadership Foundation Is a faith-based organization that works to transform the city of Lexington by engaging, building relationships, and developing joint initiatives with people of faith.

“We want them to be leaders at home, in the neighborhood and at school, wherever they go,” said Marcus Patrick, director of Urban Impact. “Therefore, our role is to unleash the potential they have, to understand that they have been created for a purpose, and to help them enter that purpose.”

This is done in a variety of ways, including art, scholars, and athletics.

Amachi, a mentor program, deals with children with imprisoned families. Maggie Middleton is the director of the Amachi Program.

“I talked with my kids about how difficult it is and how lonely they feel. There are some problems with depression,” Middleton explained. “Even if I have adults and I can’t meet in person every week, I ask someone to check in and listen to them and the online school, and I’m really doing great things. difference.”

According to Middleton, the children participating in the program have an overall interest in school, sports and the arts.

“It really gives them a positive adult, and not only encourages our children and is interested in what our children are doing, but also tells our children” to you There is a possibility and you have a promise, “a positive adult who is really focused on reminding and it’s a positive voice that helps. Point them in the right direction,” added Middleton.

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