LFUCG: American Rescue Plan Act funding is almost final – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-12-03 22:02:23 – Over the past few months, the Lexington-Fayet Urban County government has been working to narrow down how to spend millions of dollars on federal COVID bailouts. The federal government has donated $ 120 million to Lexington. They have already spent nearly $ 8 million on this year’s budget. So far, the council has approved spending $ 38.5 million on pandemics, affordable housing projects, bonus payments to city officials who worked during tourism, and more. The rough breakdown is as follows. $ 17.9 Million Bonus Payment to City Officials $ 10 Million Affordable Housing Project $ 1 Million Tourism $ 375,000 Security Officer Office Bonus $ 7.9 Million $ 2022 Budget $ 1.4 Million covid-19 Winter Shelter $ 30,000 Broadband There are lots of really good investments, projects, and programs out there. So how do you prioritize the money left over? How do you handle that list? Councilor Amanda Maze Bledsoe said there are still many project ideas they have to decide on. You can see them here: file: /// C: /Users/178949/Downloads/wlex%20arpa%20funds.pdf “The administration sees it, then takes it back to the council, and then we “As we move forward, we will have to make some decisions and the list will continue to be reduced,” Bledsoe.CivilLex said, a non-profit nonprofit working to keep the community in a loop. It is an organization. With the progress of the city. “The city council administration and staff worked hard to make that information available, but it’s really hard. It’s great to have everything in one place and all the resources available. I think it’s easy to access and click in a font that people can understand, “said Kit Anderson of Civil Lex. Anderson believes the council is heading in the right direction. Starting with that research, input, “Anderson said. “The council takes the public’s remarks seriously and wants to find what people use and care about. To be honest, the main thing is that they know it. Is to make sure that you are. ”

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