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LGBTQ people fear invisibility in Covid-19 vaccine data

Still, studies show that even though some people are hesitant to reveal such data, clinicians overestimate how many patients refuse to report themselves. A 2017 study Approximately 80% of clinicians believed that patients hesitated to provide this data, but revealed that only 10% of patients reported refusing to do so.

The· The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also says It should be voluntary for patients to report their gender identity. According to supporters, it is important to have the opportunity to self-report. “As with any demographic, it’s important for people to be able to identify themselves,” said Chris Grasso, vice president of informatics and data services at the Fenway Institute. “We want to normalize our data collection, much like asking questions about age, race, and ethnicity.”

LGBTQ supporters sounded a warning throughout the pandemic. Write a letter Health institutions and New administrationAsk the agency to report on coronavirus testing, care results, and vaccination in the community.

Province of Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Collect and report part of this data With their Covid-19 surveillance system. And in September, the Governor of California signed a bill requiring healthcare providers to collect data on all infectious diseases.

However, recently in March, the California Public Health Service did not publish sexual orientation and gender identity statistics. And other officials have expressed hesitation in gathering this information, reiterating the concerns of those who want to keep their sexuality secret. For example, gay governor Jared Polis of Colorado Said in discussions with other officials elected in April 2020 “There are many people in Colorado who don’t want that information.”

Despite the lack of data CDC LGBTQ people point out that they are more likely to suffer from Covid-19 results that are more serious than heterosexuals. This is due to the high prevalence of existing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer, obesity and smoking.

LGBTQ people fear invisibility in Covid-19 vaccine data

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