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Tampa, Florida 2021-06-10 16:14:48 –

Arkansas lawmakers passed a bill earlier this year banning gender-affirming treatments for transgender youth, making it the first state to do so. The ACLU is currently fighting back.

They have filed proceedings against two doctors, four transgender youths, and state authorities representing their parents. The Brant family is in it.

“I’ve been going back and forth for years trying to figure out who I am,” said Dylan Brandt, a 15-year-old transgender youth.

Self-discovery was a journey for Dylan, but two years ago when he handed his mother a letter, everything changed.

“And in the letter he signed’Your Son Dylan’,” said Dylan’s mother, Joanna Brandt.

That summer was a new beginning for this transgender teen. Almost a year later, hormone therapy began. Dylan and his mother, Joanna, say it was the answer to much of his depression and anxiety.

“Most of them are gone. I’m no longer worried about going out to places or meeting people. It’s changed everything. I’m very happy and very confident,” Dylan said. Told.

“It’s all that gives him space to completely embrace what he feels inside,” Joanna said.

Now, almost 10 months later, all of Dylan’s progress could stop. His hometown of Arkansas has passed a bill banning healthcare professionals from providing transition-related care to transgender minors.

Holly Dixon, Secretary-General of ACLU Arkansas, said the ban has already caused damage.

“This is the full government invasion of these young people into their private lives. They are transgender young people and they deprive their parents of their autonomy to work with doctors to make the best decisions. It has been targeted, “Dixon said.

“Since I heard these bills were submitted, at least six transgender youths have attempted suicide. It’s absolutely scary.”

“Medical care to confirm that gender they are trying to rob him of, he knows exactly who he is, exactly I know who he is, he can It’s what made him possible in a way that didn’t exist. Previously, if this ban actually came into effect, he wouldn’t have been able to do it, “Joanna said.

Arkansas Republican Senator Allan Clarke, who sponsors the bill, argues that the bill is needed for protection. He denied our request for an interview, but commented on the treatment of identifying young people’s gender on the Senate floor:

“At best, it’s experimental, and in the worst case, it’s a serious threat to the well-being of children,” Clark said.

Teenagers like Dylan couldn’t oppose any more.

“It’s not just about waking up one day and saying this.” I want to do this. Because it looks fun. “No, it’s not interesting.”

“People say these kids come to their parents and say,’Hey, I’m transgender, I want hormones,’ and we say’sweet’. Bring out the advice and expertise of the people in the field. That’s not what happened. “

Clark argues that children are too young to make this decision before they turn 18.

“But this is certainly not the answer. It’s not today’s answer. It doesn’t stop the 18-year-old from doing what he wants to do. But it’s very difficult for kids to come back. Protect your children from the mistake of spending a lot of time. “

But Joanna says age is not a factor when it comes to knowing who you are.

“You don’t have to be 18 before you know who I am, and so are these kids,” Joanna said.

Arkansas bills are driving families out of what they call home.

“At this point in my life, more and more families are thinking about Arkansas and leaving because of this bill and other anti-transgender bills submitted and passed in this session,” Dixon said. ..

Former Republican Rep. Dan Douglas has voted on several anti-trans bills in the past.

“I would have voted against this bill. The legislators and some of these very extreme bills, and these very extreme votes, really represent the nature of Arkansas’ acceptance. I don’t think. “

He says this is too black and white. I need an exception.

“Whenever the law interferes with the treatment and decision of a doctor’s patient, we are interfering and overkill,” Douglas said.

“The government doesn’t have a business in the midst of medical care among parents, patients and healthcare professionals. That’s not their way,” Joanna said.

Arkansas was the first state to make this move, but according to the ACLU, it is being considered whether similar bills are being considered in 19 other states.

“All major medical institutions in the country opposed the law,” Dixon said.

As a family like Dylan’s fight against this, they remind us: this is not just a policy, this is their life.

“We are real people with real feelings,” Dylan said.

“He’s a boy in every way more than any other boy I know,” Joanna said.

LGBTQ supporters fighting back; Arkansas becomes first state to ban transgender treatment for youth Source link LGBTQ supporters fighting back; Arkansas becomes first state to ban transgender treatment for youth

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