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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —Since 9/11, the Islamic Center in Omaha has discovered anger directed at its community.

“Why don’t all of you go back to your country and kill each other,” said one in the center’s voicemail.

Muslims in Omaha quickly worked to disseminate information about their beliefs, including the open house. In one such event, a row from the Quran was placed in the table. “Hatred is not a family value.”

Ajmal Syed, director of the Islamic Center, said many were surprised by the anger directed at them.

“What’s happening here?” He remembers what people said. “This is our home. We are mourning (attack).”

“Islamophobia is real,” he said. “It is everyone’s responsibility to learn and understand Islam and what Islam is.”

He added that Muslims became more prominent and could work to clarify misunderstandings.

Today, Mr Saeed said the Islamic Center is still exposed to hatred directed at the Islamic Center, especially after a terrorist attack by Muslims.

KMTV ran the following story shortly after 9/11.

In retrospect, shortly after 9/11, Omaha Muslims discovered hatred directed at them.

Ramadan Kirinck, director of the Islamic Studies Program at the University of Nebraska Omaha, said many were too relaxed in their own language when discussing extremists.

“Some of them have actually put all Islamic movements into the Islamic category,” he said.

Kirinck is pleased that President George W. Bush initially “clarified” that extremists could not be grouped with the entire Islamic group. But Bush was later “not careful enough,” he said.

He said that those recognized as Muslims realized that they themselves needed to prove their American loyalty. But the policy also affected them.

After the Patriot Act, he said, many Muslims were detained for long periods of time before being dismissed. He said they found themselves targeted for random sampling at the airport.

In Omaha, Arjumandgany is well aware that hate crimes against Islam are a real problem.

In June, her sister’s family went for a night walk at their home in London, Ontario. This is a routine that started during the blockade of the pandemic.

While the family was at the intersection, a man attacked the family with a pickup truck. Police said he had targeted them for their Muslim faith. Only Ganny’s 9-year-old nephew survived. Her sister, niece, brother-in-law and his mom have died.

The attack fostered anger among the public, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“This was a terrorist attack motivated by hatred.” He said.. “If anyone thinks there is no racism or hatred in this country, I would say this: how do you explain such violence to children in the hospital? How do you look in the eyes of your family? Can you say, “Islamophobia is not real”? ”

Ganny said London, Ontario is considered one of the most Muslim-friendly cities in North America. In this web extra below, she discusses what she can do to combat attacks and Islamophobia.

Omaha woman looks back on the death of her sister and niece on a hate crime

Since 9/11, Omaha Muslims have also received support such as telephone calls and letters.

“One (of the people) who threatened us on Tuesday (September 11th) called for an apology today,” said a representative shortly after 9/11, “What is the reality, what is Islam?” After knowing if there is one. “

Since 9/11, support from other members of the faith, including those who stood in solidarity outside the Islamic Center, marked the beginning of what turned into a unique campus in the world. There are mosques, synagogues, and churches. At the same place.

This is a Triface initiative, and Secretary-General Wendy Goldberg said it was designed to learn about each other and bring a unique experience, rather than combining faiths. She compared it with a bring-in. “Everything is delicious together” is a variety of dishes.

Progress was made before the idea of ​​a common land was born. For example, a pagan picnic was held. Goldberg calls the Triface Initiative the “Beacon of Hope.”

Tri-Faith Initiative Reflect Saturday 9/11 Anniversary at 7:30 pm at Triface Commons

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