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Life Sciences Sector Finding Successful Home in Spartanburg County – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-07-29 00:10:55 –

Spartanberg County and the entire Upstate welcome the growing interest and investment from life sciences companies.

Upstate has a long history and infrastructure that has supported life sciences companies in raw materials, manufacturing and packaging operations, and distribution.

Today, new research and innovation businesses are further supporting the growth of the industry and promoting an ecosystem suitable for start-ups.

Over 670 life sciences companies of all sizes call it Upstate’s home, and in the last few years 13 companies have announced new locations in the region.

The latest of those companies in Spartanberg Epica International, A leader in advanced ultra-high resolution mobile medical imaging and robot applications for human and animal health, and industrial enterprises.

The company has announced that it will expand its headquarters and operations in Spartanberg to its subsidiaries Epica Human Health, Epica Animal Health and Roboticom. Epica has established a demonstration of enterprise, imaging, and robotic systems at a facility currently located within the Spark Center SC on the Tiger River Campus at Spartanburg Community College.

“Epica’s investment in Spartanburg is closely linked to the diverse economic development strategies being implemented throughout the county, especially from the biological and life sciences industries,” said One Spartanburg, Inc. Catherine O’Neill, Chief Economic Development Officer, said. “These types of advanced heavy technology industries that come to our county offer us significant strategic benefits for future development and employment growth.”

Another life sciences company, Pall Corporation, announced its intention to invest in Spartanberg County in early 2021. Paul announced that the Spartanburg County business will generate 425 new jobs and a $ 30.2 million investment.

To meet the needs of a wide range of customers in life sciences and the industry, Paul works with customers around the world to advance health, safety and environmentally friendly technologies. The company’s Spartanberg facility supports the rapid development of vaccines and therapeutics, including the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Spartanberg County provides Paul with the diverse workforce needed to manufacture life-saving drugs and vaccines. We look forward to increasing our presence in the county,” said Paul Life. Science President Joseph Rep said at the time of the company’s announcement.

Throughout the state, South Carolina has an important presence in the medical device sector. And when it comes to life sciences, the manufacturing supply chain is robust and reflects the strength of the region’s overall manufacturing capacity.

From 2015 to 2019, medical device and equipment companies added 35% of employment, accounting for 11.5% of the new companies coming to Upstate. In addition, more than 700 clinical trials are constantly being conducted throughout Upstate in areas such as oncology, companion diagnostics and genetics.

In particular, Upstate has acclaimed hospitals, technical training schools and more than 26 universities, actively working with industry leaders and educators at all levels to work with advanced skills over the next few decades. We have access to power.

“In terms of infrastructure, distribution capacity and even the location of the county, Spartanberg’s historic advantages provide a favorable base for continued investment from the biological and life sciences industries,” O’Neill said. I am. “As these industries continue to bring high-paying knowledge-based work to Spartanberg, it puts us in a good position for the future.”

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Life Sciences Sector Finding Successful Home in Spartanburg County Source link Life Sciences Sector Finding Successful Home in Spartanburg County

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