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Pittsburgh, PA (KDKA) – Summer heat continues and many pools are having a hard time finding guards.

The Allegheny County Parks Department has not received enough lifeguard applications, so it has raised its salary to $ 14 an hour and certification is available free of charge.

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The County Parks Authority will close and reopen North Park Swimming Pool, Voice Park Wave Pool, Settles Cabin Park Wave Pool, South Park Wave Pool, Deer Lakes Spray Park and Round Hill Spray Park on June 5th. .. June 12th of the season.

“We weren’t open in the 2020 season, but we’re excited to be open in the 2021 season,” said Andrew Grove, Deputy Director of the Allegheny County Parks Authority. “I’m ready. I’m happy that people are back in our pool. Our park is busier than ever and we look forward to opening the pool.”

At the North Park Swimming Pool, teens were learning how to become guards on Thursday, but it was difficult to get enough guards.

“It was hard. We are having a hard time. We raised the hourly wage to $ 14. Once we take our test and get certified, one of the things we do is class. We’ll refund you $ 200 to register with, “Grobe said.

Each season, the county park bureau seeks to hire 150 lifeguards. They aren’t there yet and the position is still open.

“We will continue to take lifeguards. It’s enough to get started, but we’ll train and certify guards throughout the season,” Globe said. “We are in a good place. Hopefully early in the summer, we will continue to increase that number when we reach 150.”

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“We have certified many children. It’s great to help young people get jobs,” said Mercedes McCarthy, Water Director of Allegheny County Park.

Some pools are empty, such as the Sumerley pool on the north side of the city. The city of Pittsburgh has announced preparations for opening eight public pools on June 14, but only if the city has sufficient lifeguards. They received 70 applications and needed 80 guards.

So if you want to work in the summer, apply sunscreen and get a rescue tube. Many openings are floating.

“It teaches them a lot of responsibility. It’s a lifelong skill they have forever, certified in first aid, and CPR helps outside the swimming pool. It only advances their career.” Said McCarthy.

Those interested in becoming a county pool lifeguard can apply online to find out more about upcoming tests and certification classes. Here..

Those who are interested in working in Pittsburgh as a lifeguard can apply. Here..

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When fully booked, the pools scheduled to open on June 14 are Ammon, Highland, Homewood, Ohmsby, Philips, Sumerley, Ream and Shenley. The city said that the more lifeguards hired, the more city public pools could be opened.

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