Light motorhomes are a miracle of space use

On narrow streets in Japan, especially small cars restricted by the government make a lot of sense Light car..They are Especially small with a similarly small engineIn addition to being easy to operate and park, they are also cheap to own and run. But certainly camping alone can be a rather cramped and unpleasant experience. Think again.

YouTuber Tokyo Lens, who makes various interesting videos about places, people, and things in Japan, went on a camping trip that seems to be pop top. Suzuki All light cars. He details his experience It emphasizes all the neat features packed in a small space. It’s really worth noting how much there is.

We are particularly fascinated by the nice looking cabinets, the fact that one can stretch almost completely with a pop top, and the fact that there is actually a small sink with a faucet that is supplied with a microwave and a water tank. I did. Check out the entire video to see how much you can do in a small space and some nice shots of the Japanese countryside.

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Light motorhomes are a miracle of space use

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