Lighting, Cameras, Childcare: Onset Nurseries Aim to Transform the Film Industry

After a vacation with her baby son, actor Charlotte Riley was delighted to return to work in 2016 to play the BBC’s Kate Middleton. King Charles III.. “I could only do that,” she says. It was great, he was on the set with me. She rationalized that paying a nanny to accompany her on a set is a way to keep her “stepping into the door.”

While working on the set, she realized how lucky she was. It was clear how my colleagues struggled to balance their family life. “Exaggerated photographer,” she says. “We are all looking at the fog about the idea that we can take our children to work.”

Many young women in the profession do not understand how to combine their work with motherhood. Riley said: If you’re not ready to work this time for this amount of money, go jogging. Because someone will do it. ”

So Peaky Blinder The star did something about it. Last November, the door was opened to Wonderworks, a nursery school Riley founded with his wife, business partner Mark Radcliffe, who works in the industry. Warner Bros. Studios provided space for Reevesden, where the Harry Potter series was filmed. Many of the toys and furniture are donations from Warner Bros. Pictures movies. (Hollywood Studios already has an on-site childcare facility).

Tomorrow, Riley and Radcliffe will launch a social media campaign, Put your family in a movieBacked by an open letter asking studios and production companies to take into account the childcare of television and film workers to prevent parents from leaving the industry. The ambition is that all works will include childcare in their budget by 2024.

Charlotte Riley as Kate Middleton of “King Charles III”. Paying for a nanny to accompany her on the set was her way of “stepping into the door” © BBC / Drama Republic / Robert Viglas

The pair is also launching a mobile nursery on a two-story bus hired by a movie company for remote filming. This will move you to the first movie set in May.

The nursery asks the production filming in the studio to pre-purchase the nursery location to cover the costs and have parents repay them. There is also a holiday club for school-age children.

Before the pandemic, women were already undervalued in senior film work. A report We found that 31% of women in important positions behind the scenes were women, unchanged from the previous year.

Natasha Moore, director of campaigns at Directors UK, found that British films were six times more likely to be directed by men, said: Film industry — unpredictable time, compassionate responsibilities, wage inequality, etc. ”

Hope Dixon Reach, an Edinburgh-based film director and co-founder of Raising Films, an advocate for parents and caretakers in the British film and television industry, said this pattern of work was “childcare.” Not very suitable for. “Childcare is set from 9am to 5pm [workers]”. The image of the industry is at odds with the reality of the vast majority of people working in the industry. “People who are doing very well are visibly making a lot of money,” she says. But “Most people don’t have a stable career. Many people are in precarious employment. Covid is increasingly revealing how precarious our industry is.”

She says there are also problems with employment practices. Women are asked if they are pregnant and how to care for their children. “It always happens. They are freelancers, so no one feels they can talk about it.”

Charlotte Riley and Mark Radcliffe founded The WonderWorks to help colleagues struggling to balance their family lives.

Charlotte Riley and Mark Radcliffe founded The WonderWorks to help colleagues struggling to balance their family lives.

While setting up the nursery, Riley encountered a lot of backlash from film executives. “We had been knocking on the door for two years and were listening to people saying. [not] Had to pay [in] 100 years? ‘”

The encounter with Emily Stillman, Senior Vice President of Operations at Warner Bros., changed luck. “She said,’I need this, I want it, how can I grow it,'” Riley says. Stillman says the encounter came when her company was looking at ways to improve employee diversity. “I know the challenges of working while caring for young children, especially in industries with unconventional working hours and marginal changes.”

Riley, who has a husband and two children, along with actor Tom Hardy, said: Who am I? How does it work? And how can I do this? Without helping people in the most difficult times of life, there is never a woman-written, woman-lit, woman-directed, woman-told story. “

Since the official opening of the nursery in November, Production has provided parental support to parents during the recruitment phase, Riley said. Nurseries are flexible, such as providing emergency childcare backups or short-term provision while parents are playing freelance gigs.according to Survey According to Raising Films, 68% of respondents find it difficult to access costs and flexible childcare.

June O’Sullivan is CEO of the London Early Years Foundation, which operates 39 nurseries, including the House of Commons (open until 10:30 pm, two days a week to accommodate late sessions). When it comes to setting up a nursery school at work, she says the organizers need the help of admins. “Most of the time, the decisions made about the development of the nursery are made by men. [the House of Commons one].. “

She says it’s a difficult problem. “Women are anxious to raise it and small businesses can’t afford it. Childcare isn’t something to put aside, we need to take care of them. It’s that women work. Not only because we make it possible, but because we value our children. “

Riley hopes her initiative will be the beginning of a larger conversation in the film and television industry. “So people feel they can go to their producers and say,’Do you offer childcare? Do you offer flextime or work sharing? Do you? ”I hope this will be the first stepping stone to make the industry more family friendly. Real life is messy and chaotic. “

Lighting, Cameras, Childcare: Onset Nurseries Aim to Transform the Film Industry

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