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Clearwater, Florida — Tampa Bay all seem to be skating right next to Lightning as they try to win the Stanley Cup three times in a row. However, there is one particular fan who lives in Clearwater and is truly enjoying all the goals.

Listening to illuminated hockey on the radio will allow you to drown out oxygen cylinders and keep Alison Burksdale alive.

“The whole house is crazy, but when you score, the dog is really crazy,” Berksdale said.


She has stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer and has been treated with Jennifer Barnes and Sun Coast Hospice for the past few months.

Burns, the psychosocial team leader, said:

Berksdale said she would move forward as the lights moved forward.

“Anything positive now is good for me,” Berksdale said.

During the playoffs, Berksdale’s appreciation for the team reached a whole new level when Lightning sent her an autographed jersey from his favorite player, Victor Hedman.

“So far, this is the best gift I’ve ever had,” Berksdale said.

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It was Burns and Suncoast Hospice who contacted the team and talked about their most enthusiastic fans.

“It made her smirk so that she could be given something, she was a little teary, she was just like a little kid at Christmas,” Burns said.

Berksdale said he would wear a jersey for each match until the team lifted the cup.

“If Lightning wins another cup, I’ll be here to see it,” Berksdale said.

Lightning fan in hospice looks forward to another cup Source link Lightning fan in hospice looks forward to another cup

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