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Lil’Kim isn’t here for 50 Cent, who recently trolled her on social media. Counterattack her original “Magic Stick” collaborator for his diss.

50 cents, 46, Known to troll On social media, and this time he chased Lil Kim, 47, Compare his fellow rappers with meme leprechauns. “Sorry, I know it’s early, but I don’t know why 🤷🏽‍♂️s *** like this is interesting. Lol.” His previous “Magic Stick” song partner was 50. Noting that it was definitely “Reachin”, he counterattacked the post.

“”[U]I’m crazy about being creepy, “Lil’Kim replied. Shade room, Added that the post was “not interesting at all” and called him “horny”. She continued.[.]”

So why is 50 coming for his former companion? This post isn’t the first time an “In da Club” rapper has made fun of Kim. Compared her to an owl in July After she appeared at the BET Awards. In response to that dis, Kim admitted that the comparison was “accurate,” but still had to call 50. Let it go, you have a beautiful girlfriend, I have a beloved husband. Let go. “

She didn’t give details about when this alleged date was supposed to happen, but hinted to fans that she would know more in her next book. “I will deal with all that in my book, which will be published in November,” Kim writes. “Be sure to get it.”

Lil’Kim & 50 cents. (ExclusiveAccess / Andrew H. Walker / Sugar Factory / Shutterstock)

Lil Kim 50 Cent collaborated on the hit song “Magic Stick” in 2003, but it seems that friendship soon collapsed. By 2005, it was revealed that the two had beef. “I don’t really respect 50 Cent because his music is hardcore … violent,” Kim said at the time. “I sometimes love his music, but in his personal life, in his real life, he feels like he’s continuing it. That’s not a great message, you Do you know what I mean? I think he’s pushing it. “

Lil’Kim Responds to Instagram’s 50 Cent Diss – Hollywood Life

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