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Portland, Oregon 2021-01-17 01:56:17 –

Women’s injuries were reported as non-life-threatening

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KOIN, Oregon — A woman in Tidewater survived a dramatic battle with a house intruder who stabbed her before police arrived on Friday. Law enforcement officials said the woman’s injury was not life-threatening and was transferred to a local hospital.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said it received a 911 call reporting a puncture wound in the E Little Albany Loop around 5:52 pm on Friday. The caller said the victim was able to escape from the suspect and get help from his neighbor. The dispatch received multiple calls during the response, including a call reporting the suspect’s whereabouts.

Parliamentarians responded to the scene and detained Branden Michael Gross, 29, of Tidewater. After Gross was detained and the scene secured, doctors determined that an adult female victim had multiple puncture wounds in the center. She was taken to the Sumaritan Pacific Community Hospital for treatment that was determined to be a non-life-threatening injury.

According to a survey, the woman arrived home in the evening and found a gloss on the second floor of the house. She then kicked the man out of the house through the back door, shouting for help. Gross turned to the dwelling and re-entered through the back door. Another physical struggle continued, and Gross stabbed the woman twice with a knife near her abdomen.

The neighbor, who was warned by the woman’s scream, intervened between the woman and Gross. The woman then escaped from her residence from the front door.

Gross is in a nearby residence and was arrested the first for robbery and the second for illegal use and assault of weapons. His bail is set at $ 300,000 and is held in Lincoln County Jail. Investigation revealed that Gross was unknown to the victim. Men are reportedly suffering from mental health problems.

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Lincoln County woman wrestles home invader, gets stabbed Source link Lincoln County woman wrestles home invader, gets stabbed

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