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Riverside, California 2021-10-28 15:09:45 –

Austin-Laredo Democrat Henry Cuellar warned the Biden administration on Thursday not to step off as immigrant troops are gathering in southern Mexico and appear to be heading to the United States.

Quera, who is more hawkish against illegal immigrants than many of his Democratic colleagues, sees the increase in the number of immigrants joining the caravan recurring humanitarian crises resulting from the crossing of the Rio Grande in Del Rio. Haitian refugees in September said they could be connected.

Haiti immigrants use dams to travel between Mexico and the United States on Friday, September 17, 2021 in Del Rio, Texas. Thousands of Haitian migrants are gathering under and around the Del Rio bridge, presenting new urgent challenges as the Biden administration seeks to manage the large number of asylum seekers reaching the land of the United States. I am.

“The problem was that the administration couldn’t decide what to do,” Quera told reporters in Texas at a conference call from Washington, DC, referring to Haiti’s asylum seekers. .. “They hesitated, and then we saw them had almost 15,000 Haitians before they knew it.”

“And they knew about it, and like a caravan, they knew about it. So the question is … what do we do?”

Listen to experts, not immigration activists Source link Listen to experts, not immigration activists

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