Live Blog: Patriots-Broncos Game Update – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2020-10-18 13:03:21 –

Christopher Price

October 18, 2020 | 12:54 pm

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12:43 pm: I like that. You feel optimistic this afternoon. Let’s see what happens.

12:40 pm: As expected, another change in advance of the Patriots. New England believes it has a fourth different combination of attack lines in five games.

12:38 pm: If this game was played last week without Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore, in my opinion this is almost a toss-up. (Of course, the inside out is for this game was Broncos, played last week, probably revolved around Brett Rypien rather than Drew Lock. Que Sera Sera.. ) What is the conclusion? New England probably benefited a bit more, but both teams probably took a small break for goodbye. Eventually, the Patriots will continue to shuffle their attack lines (there’s no Shakir Mason today), but it should be good today. My name is New England 27 and Denver 14.

12:15 pm:

12:13 pm: Looking at at least most major sports books, spreads remain about the same throughout the week, but the 7.5-point spread in favor of the Patriots looks much more solid as both Newton and Gilmour are in the lineup. .. I score points with New England, but barely. Over / under is only in my early 40s and I would like to get under, but only a little.

11:48 am: We are planning to start the weather forecast game soon, but not today. According to friends at, this is a great day for football. From the late 50s to the late 60s, there is no possibility of precipitation and a breeze is blowing. Good times.

11:39 am:

11:38 am: I’m inactive today. First, Patriot:

Defensive lineman Carl Davis: Davis was added later this week, so he may still need some time to speed up.

Defensive Back Miles Bryant: Another healthy wound of Brian.

JJ Taylor’s Running Back: The small, mighty Mite wasn’t on the injured list for the whole week. That’s a strange move given the fact that the Patriots are without Sony Michelle today. Still, New England seems to be quite happy with the depth of the running back, with James White, Rex Burkehead and Damien Harris all active.

Tight End Dalton Keene: The rookie hasn’t seen the field yet this season.

Quarterback Brian Hoyer: Don’t make this single decision a referendum for backup quarterback spots, but Heuer wasn’t on the injured list all week long. Similar to the fact that he was yanked in favor of Jarrett Stedham in Kansas City, this could very well indicate the change of guards behind Cam Newton.

11:27 am: Cam Newton is ready:

11:15 am: The Patriots-Broncos are one of the undervalued rivals for over 20 years. I don’t know if it was always hot like New England-Indy did from 2003 to 2007, but for many years always A big contest when the Patriots met Denver. There were many playoff confrontations between 2010 and 2015. New England lost to the 2015 AFC title game, but Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski’s work in the fourth quarter of the contest is one of the best to date. I don’t even get into the miles-high battles that the two teams have fought over the years, or even Champ Bailey’s Ben Watson chase. (I think it was touchback and go to the grave.) There’s nothing like that today, but it’s still fun to think about those epic battles over the years.

11:00 am: Welcome to football, everyone! After an unexpected buy-week with multiple COVID-19 tests, the Patriots and Broncos are reportedly ready to go this afternoon. The kick-off is approaching 1 pm. In the case of New England, regain Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore from a field perspective. Add the fact that the Patriots are at home, and there is a reason to feel optimistic about their chances this afternoon. Keep it here all day for all the latest updates from Foxborough, weather news (a little chilly today), betting information, inactive analysis (should continue shortly after 11:30 am), etc. .. But as always, we start with a pre-game reading list:

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