Live Music Returns to Anodyne With Walter Salas-Humara Band – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-07-16 14:02:12 –

Live music returned to Anodyne on Thursday night with Walter Salas-Humara and Jon Langford. A rambling introduction to one song by Saras Humara, a stranger to Milwaukee, was a memory of playing an old Toad Café with the group The Silos, which he formed in the 80’s.

In Anodyne, Kick-Ass’s “Midwest Band” featuring Jonathan Landman on keyboard, Ron Gomez on bass and Gerald Daud on drums, and homeboy Michael Cudahy on lead guitar. I acted as a guest.

In this unusual full-band setting, where he frequently plays solos and duos with Rundman, from ballads like “Commodore Peter” to rocker “She’s a Caveman” co-written at Star John Bay’s annual Steel Bridge Songwriting Festival. , There was plenty of room for dynamics. The elegiac “Come In A Singer” was balanced by the hurricane-like show stopper “Tennessee Fire”.

Decades ago, John Langford moved to Chicago and set up a second home essentially for his British group, Mekons. Being close to Milwaukee since then means taking his talent for granted, thanks to the frequent shows here. His set with guitarist John Shizmanski provided a crash course during his long career at Langford’s Mekons and a humorous, ironic and compassionate view of the world around him.

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