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Berlin — Finnish and Swedish leaders have shown that their government has not yet decided whether to join NATO, but in the face of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, close ties with other European countries. Emphasized security cooperation.

Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin said on Tuesday, “Russia’s attack on Ukraine has completely changed our security environment,” after meeting with German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz near Berlin. I couldn’t do it. “

“We have to decide whether to apply for NATO membership or continue our current path,” she said. “That’s the discussion we’re currently doing in parliament.”

Her Swedish counterpart, Magdalena Anderson, said the Nordic parliament is conducting a security review to be announced on May 13.

“The analysis includes Sweden’s future international defense partnership, including discussions on NATO, and all options are being considered,” she said.

“Each of our security arrangements is, of course, nationally determined, but we work very closely with Finland,” Anderson added.

NATO Prime Minister Jason Stoltenberg said the two countries would be welcomed if they decided to join the military organizations of 30 countries and could join them very quickly.

Foreign Ministers of NATO member countries will meet in Berlin from May 14th to 15th.


Major developments in the Russian-Ukraine war:

— U.S. officials say Russia plans to annex parts of eastern Ukraine

— Citizens rescued from Mariupol’s steel mill manager for safety

— Arming Ukraine, which strains US weapons stockpiles

— UEFA excludes more Russian football teams from competition

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Other developments:

Ljubljana, Slovenia — A group of 20 children from an orphanage in Luhansk, eastern Ukraine, arrives in Slovenia and stays until the end of the war.

Officials said on Wednesday that most of the children traveled with orphanage staff, doctors, nurses and their families.

This group will stay near the western town of Postojna and will be granted temporary protection status in a small country in the European Union.

“The arrival was very emotional,” said Sandi Curk, commander of local civil protection. Curk says the route was fine and the trip lasted 24 hours.


Slovakia, Bratislava-Slovak Energy Minister said he was not ready to join the European Union embargo on Russia’s oil imports as part of new sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. increase.

Slovakia is almost entirely dependent on Russian oil received through the Soviet-era Dorjiba pipeline. Economy Minister Rchard Sulik told reporters Tuesday that Slovnaft, the only Slovak refiner, cannot immediately switch from Russian crude to another. He said it would take years to change the technology.

“Sure, we insist on an exemption,” Slick said.

European Union leaders are discussing new sanctions proposals on Tuesday. This may include a gradual oil embargo. The 27 member states are likely to begin discussions on the plan on Wednesday, but it may take several days for the measures to take effect.


Strasbourg, France — Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi wants Europe to move faster towards defense integration after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Dragi told EU parliamentarians in Strasbourg on Tuesday that European defense spending is “a highly inefficient allocation of resources that hinders the construction of true European defense.” He called for a meeting to improve defense spending coordination.

Draghi praised the European Council’s ambitious action plan to strengthen EU security and defense policies by 2030, but “quickly goes beyond these first steps and is efficient between defense systems. We need to build a good coordination. “


Geneva — Ukraine’s World Health Organization case manager heads to a government-controlled area away from the most fierce battlefields where Ukrainian and Russian troops are fighting, with evacuees from the besieged Azovstal ironworks in Mariupol. Say “I’m on the road”.

Dr. Dorit Nitzan spoke video to a Geneva reporter from government-controlled Zaporizhia, and the WHO team was deployed to help dozens (up to 100) evacuees from the factory, the United Nations and other aid groups. He said he was among the workers.

“Things are moving,” she said on Tuesday. “We know they are on the road.”

Nitzan said the UN health agency is not clear on what health needs evacuees will present, but nearby hospitals and trauma teams are waiting to help evacuees arrive.

The UN Humanitarian Aid Coordinator and the International Committee of the Red Cross have led the evacuation after recent agreements from Ukrainian and Russian authorities.

According to Nitzan, about 100 people from Mariupol have recently boarded their own cars.


Lviv, Ukraine — British troops say they believe that Russian troops are now “significantly weakened” after being defeated in the war with Ukraine.

The UK Ministry of Defense commented on Tuesday in a daily statement on Twitter about the war.

It states: “Russian troops have been significantly weakened both physically and conceptually as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. Future recovery is exacerbated by sanctions. This is Russia’s ability to deploy traditional troops. Will have a lasting impact on. “

The ministry added that while Russia’s defense budget doubled between 2005 and 2018, Russia’s modernization program “does not allow Russia to rule Ukraine.”

“The failure to execute both strategic planning and operations has made it impossible to translate numerical strength into a decisive advantage,” the ministry said.


Lviv, Ukraine — Satellite images analyzed by the Associated Press show nearly 50 Russian military helicopters at a base near the Ukraine border.

Images taken by Planet Labs PBC on Monday show a helicopter in Star Louis Oscol, Russia, about 175 km (110 miles) northeast of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Helicopters are located on tarmacs, runways and lawns at private airports. Weapons are located nearby to assist the aircraft.

Russia uses military attack helicopters in the war with Ukraine and is flying low to avoid anti-aircraft missiles.

Meanwhile, another satellite imagery shows a bridge repeatedly targeted by Moscow near the Black Sea port city of Odesa, which is still standing around noon on Monday. The strategic bridge will connect Odesa to the wider countryside and will be the key to protecting the area.

A series of mysterious explosions have recently been seen in the secession area of ​​the neighboring Moldova, the home of the nearby Russian army, and there are concerns about the spread of the conflict.


Rome — Pope Francis offered to travel to Moscow to meet the Russian president about three weeks after the invasion, but told an Italian newspaper that he had not received a response.

Francis reportedly said on Tuesday that Corriere della Serra’s offer to visit Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow was made through Vatican’s Second Cardinal Pietro Parolin 20 days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. rice field.

He said. “Of course, the Kremlin leaders will need to make the window of opportunity available, but fearing that Putin may not be able to hold this meeting at this time and may not want it. But we haven’t heard back yet and continue to push forward. “

Francis said in a 40-minute video conference with Russian Orthodox President Kirill, “I picked up a piece of paper and read all the legitimacy of the war.” I heard and told him: I don’t understand any of this. Brothers, we are not national priests. We cannot use the words of politics, but we can use the words of Jesus. … To do this, we need to find a way of peace to stop the firing of weapons. “


Kyiv, Ukraine-Denmark Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said the visit to the Ukrainian capital showed “full support from the Danish side” for the transfer of weapons, sanctions on Russia, and humanitarian assistance. ..

Kofodo reopened the Danish embassy in Kieu and met with his counterpart Dmytro Kuleba and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday. His meeting takes place when Denmark’s neighbors Sweden and Finland are discussing accession to NATO. Denmark is a founding member.

Moscow warned that such a move would have consequences without giving details. But on Friday, Russian military planes invaded the territory of Sweden and Denmark.

“I must tell Russia that arranging themselves for security is the sovereign right of each country. No one is threatening Denmark. No one is threatening Sweden or Finland. “No,” Cofod told AP. “If Russia or anyone else is trying to in some way invade our airspace (…) or launch some other hybrid attack, this is completely unjustified. Of course, then will protect.”

Earlier that day, Cofod visited Irpin, a suburb of Kieu, to witness the destruction and devastation in person.


Ottawa — Russia, appointed as the Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine, states that it must be held responsible for troops committing sex crimes, including children.

Julia Kovalif told the Commons Commission of Canada on Monday that Russia is using sexual violence as a weapon of war and that rape and sexual assault must be investigated as war crimes.

She also said that Russia had kidnapped Ukrainian children and took them to the occupied territories of Russia, and now to Russia itself. Ukraine is working with partners to find and bring back children.

“A few days ago, the Russians killed a young mother, taped a living child to her body, and installed a land mine between them,” the ambassador said. She said the mine had exploded.

With more than 70% of Russians supporting the aggression, Kovalif said, not only President Vladimir Putin and his agents, but the entire Russian society should be responsible for the war with Ukraine.

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