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The convict on death row was convicted of killing Stacy Stites in Bastrop County in 1998.

Austin, Texas — The appeal in the case of convicted murderer Rodney Reed began on Monday. In 1998, Reed was convicted 1996 rape and murder Of Stacy Stites in Bastrop County.

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4:51 pm – Ruby Volek is the third witness of defense. Jimmy Fennell worked as a security guard at an insurance company, according to Börek. She testified that Stites agreed to fill out a life insurance application with Fennell, and that Fennell said, “If you find you messing around with me, I’ll kill you.”

4:36 pm – Judge JD Langley sought clarification through his defense. Why was Fletcher afraid to move forward? Fletcher said he did not provide this information at the time because he was afraid of harassment from law enforcement agencies.

4:18 pm – The state is now interrogating Wayne Fletcher, especially as Fletcher knew Fennell was the suspect during the investigation, asking why he waited so long to make such a statement.

4:10 pm – Former Bastrop County Sheriff Prison Officer Wayne Fletcher is the second defense witness. Fletcher testified that Stacy Stites’ fiancé Jimmy Fennell told him that Stites had sex with Reed.

2:30 pm – After the lunch break, the state is now crossing Rodney Reed’s preliminary hearing with Dr. Andrew Baker, the first defense witness and forensic pathologist. The state is trying to find other reasons for Dr. Baker’s conclusions.

12:20 pm – Dr. Baker disagrees with Dr. Roberto Bayardo’s previous testimony that Stacy Stites was assaulted through the anus. In fact, Dr. Baker says Dr. Bayardo mistaken the normal anal anatomy for abrasions and lacerations. A graphic image was used.

12:00 pm – Dr. Baker disagrees with state testimony about intact sperm with a tail remaining in the vaginal canal. He believes that intact sperm can live longer. This is important because it shows that Stites was with Jimmy Fennell instead of Reed.

11:41 am – Dr. Baker shows a court graphic image of Stites’s body as an example of livor mortis when gravity pulls blood down to the lowest point of the body after death and starts pooling. He says a fixed livor mortis in the area of ​​her arm may mean that her body was moved after she was killed.

11:26 am – Dr. Baker shows more graphic images of Stites’s body in early decomposition, such as black lips and skin slippage (that is, the skin peels off easily). Dr. Baker argues that Stites died much longer than the state claims.

11:20 am – The defense calls the first witness: Dr. Andrew Baker, a forensic pathologist. Dr. Baker disagrees with the time of death given by Dr. Roberto Bayardo, a state forensic pathologist used in the original trial. The court was shown a video of Stacy Stites’s body at the crime scene as part of Baker’s account.

10:30 am – The first day of Reed’s appeal was an explosive start. It began with an opening statement from the defense, telling the court that the country used false evidence to convict Reed and withheld the evidence.

The chief counsel also said a reasonable jury would not convict Reed, based on the false evidence used by the state.

However, the state rebelled, saying Reed’s defense team was changing the story for the fourth time to free the client. Defenders plan to present witnesses and forensic evidence that the state indicates that Stites died earlier than previously stated. The defense said this proved that Reed couldn’t kill her.

The defense alleges that Jimmy Fennell, then Stites’ fiancée, was her murderer.


Earlier this month, Reed Preliminary hearing In Bastrop County. Reed’s defense lawyer said there was new forensic evidence to present during the appeal hearing to prove his innocence.

The defense also said there was expert testimony that Stetes died earlier than originally thought and sperm could remain intact longer.

The appeals trial is expected to last for two weeks.

2019, lead Suspension of execution, Just a few days before his scheduled run date.The· Texas Criminal Appeals Court Granted on the basis of potentially hidden information, false testimony, and the possibility that he was innocent.

His case received national attention in 2019 after a celebrity. Including Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, Raised to stop his execution.

Stites was killed in 1996, a few days before the wedding. Her body was found along a highway in Bastrop County, and authorities arrested Reed after his DNA matched the DNA found in her body.

Reed claimed he was innocent and said he and Stites had an agreed relationship.

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Live updates: Rodney Reed defense says it will provide witnesses, forensic evidence proving he did not kill Stacey Stites Source link Live updates: Rodney Reed defense says it will provide witnesses, forensic evidence proving he did not kill Stacey Stites

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