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Livingston COVID deaths stretch on for weeks as cases dip: ‘I have quite a few friends who died’ | Coronavirus – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-09-16 18:15:00 –

Livingston Parish reported on Thursday that a resident had died of COVID-19.

The day before, rural and suburban parishes reported that the virus had killed two others. They tracked three residents who were reported dead on Tuesday and four on Monday.

According to data from the Louisiana Department of Health, COVID-19 deaths continue in the Livingston Parish for 27 consecutive days until August 5. The agency did not publish COVID statistics over the weekend and missed a two-day report of the hurricane Ida. Power from the metropolitan area.

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This is the second longest such streak in the Baton Rouge region during the worst coronavirus wave in Louisiana.

The East Baton Rouge Parish (residents outnumber Livingston 3: 1) has reported at least one COVID-19 death every 30 days of reporting.

Joe Harrell, Principal Researcher at Livingston Parish Coroner’s Office, can’t remember when so many inhabitants died daily due to one cause.

“The Delta variant has hit young people with this workaround,” Harrell said. “I have been working on a patient as young as 20 years old.”

COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continued to decline throughout Louisiana this week, as did deaths. However, in areas where vaccination has stagnated for several months, deaths from the more contagious delta mutants continue to increase after a surge in cases earlier this summer.

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Livingston was one of the most hit parishes in the Baton Rouge region by Hurricane Ida. The stormy eye wall passed directly above Holden, robbing much of the electric parish for days.

Virus cases are declining as recovery work continues throughout the parish Livingston and throughout the state..

However, death tends to be a late indicator.

After months of working in a deadly pandemic, people working near the dead are exhausted.

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“I have quite a few friends who died of COVID,” Harrell said Thursday. “It makes it difficult.”

Dr. Charles Nunez, Medical Director of the Emergency Department at the Livingston Campus of the Hour Lady of the Lake, said the Delta Variant peaked in mid-August. The majority of hospitalizations were unvaccinated patients between the ages of 35 and 65.

Now, he said, “We are reducing the number of people with COVID pneumonia, as in the August story.”

LSU says some of the 78 students who intended to abandon campus over the weekend because they didn’t follow the university’s coronavirus protection …

Although the total number of COVID beds decreased, the number of patients on mechanical ventilation increased slightly as the virus progressed. Now, Nunez said people should focus on “personal responsibility”, from washing their hands to keeping a social distance and avoiding large groups.

“The safest thing to do is to pay attention when you say the hospital is overwhelmed by the general public,” he said.

He also emphasized the importance of vaccination against COVID-19, even though the threat of Delta appears to have diminished.

During the recent surge, Nunez said some of the unvaccinated people who arrived at the ER with symptoms like COVID had a negative test but decided where they wanted the vaccine. Others decided to get a jab when they saw their friends and family in the hospital and realized that they could affect their health. The full approval of the Pfizer vaccine by the FDA encouraged a smaller percentage.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, 34% of Livingston residents are completely vaccinated against the virus. Compared to 27% in late July..

A community test site with members of the OLOL Physicians Group in Livingston has a virus positive rate of 25-30% and is being tested by about 25 people per day.

According to Nunez, this number indicates that high-level viruses still exist in the community.

“People ask the question,’When will it end’,” he said.

The answer is, “We just need to learn how to deal with it. It will be a process, and we will learn from it.”

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Livingston COVID deaths stretch on for weeks as cases dip: ‘I have quite a few friends who died’ | Coronavirus Source link Livingston COVID deaths stretch on for weeks as cases dip: ‘I have quite a few friends who died’ | Coronavirus

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