Liz Cheney warns Republicans at a “turning point” as critics plan to eliminate her – live

  • Congressman bids to expel Cheney from the role of chairman
  • “Republicans have to decide whether we choose the truth.”

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Twitter has suspended the account @DJTDesk that was tweeting the statement from Donald Trump, Those who remain banned from social media platforms.

A Twitter spokesperson told NBC News that the account violated the platform’s ban evasion policy. This policy prohibits accounts with the explicit intention of promoting content from suspended users.

Twitter has suspended Trump’s blog account @DJTDesk.. A Twitter spokeswoman said: We will enforce enforcement on accounts that are intended to replace or promote content related to suspended accounts, as described in the Ban Avoidance Policy.

Banned by Facebook and Twitter, Donald Trump is back in the future with an online communication tool that may be called a glorious blog.

His retro web page, billed “from Donald J. Trump’s desk,” appears on with a small photo of the 45th President writing a book on his desk. I am.

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Her bid for the White House was caught up in a tsunami of counterfeit news and false conspiracy Hillary Clinton Demands “global calculations” with disinformation, including curbing the power of Big Tech.

Clinton argues that the traditional “truth is somewhere in the middle” approach no longer works.
“They need to get rid of both sides,” she says. “It’s not the same thing to say something critical to someone on the other side of the aisle, to instigate an attack on the Capitol, or to vote against an election decision. They can’t be compared, and it’s Going back to the problem of actually getting the press to figure out how dangerous it is out of scope. There happens to be a new political philosophy on the right. “But the media themselves have a common baseline of truth. You can’t expect to recover. “The technology platform is far more powerful than any of the so-called mainstream media institutions. Not only American calculations, but also disinformation, monopoly power and control, and the lack of accountability that the platform currently enjoys,” Clinton said. Said.

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Liz Cheney warns Republicans at a “turning point” as critics plan to eliminate her – live

Source link Liz Cheney warns Republicans at a “turning point” as critics plan to eliminate her – live

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