Liz Truss resigns as UK Prime Minister

London – Liz Truss said she will step down as UK prime minister on Thursday after members of her party called for her resignation. Support for the premiere collapsed spectacularly less than two months into her term, with the final straw appearing to be Wednesday night’s parliamentary vote, throwing her into utter chaos and her Conservative Party members yelled and cursed at each other, with some claiming they accused them of being physically manipulated.

“We have set out a vision of a low tax, high growth economy that will take advantage of the freedoms of Brexit. However, given the circumstances, I am aware that I will not be able to fulfill the mandate elected by the Conservative Party. Therefore, I have told His Majesty to notify His Majesty that I am stepping down as leader of the Conservative Party,” Mr Truss said outside the Prime Minister’s Office at 10 Downing Street.

Mr Truss said he would remain prime minister until a new Conservative leader was elected. She said a leadership election would be held within a week “to ensure that we continue to implement our financial plans and stay on the path to maintaining our country’s economic stability and national security.”

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parliamentary vote on Wednesday The future of fracking in the UK, initially billed as a vote of confidence in the government by the Conservative whip. Conservative MPs (MPs) in parliament were told they would be considered disobedient and expelled from the party if they did not support the government’s pro-fracking position. That would have put many MPs in a position to force them to support fracking, despite their opposition to the controversial practice.

UK Parliament’s Prime Minister Liz Truss addresses the Prime Minister’s Question in the House of Commons in London, Wednesday 19 October 2022.

Jessica Taylor/AP

But just minutes before the vote, the Truss administration said it would no longer be considered a vote of confidence. The reversal led to chaos, and the chaos descended into chaos as the Conservative Chief of Staff, whose powers were undermined by late changes to the plan, was reportedly resigned. , but that only increased personal protests from party members over the unrest.

Multiple British news outlets cited a Conservative MP, who remained anonymous, as ridiculing the debacle as “the most bullied, screaming and screaming they’ve ever seen”. Please don’t give ahu*** anymore. “

Charles Walker, a senior Conservative member of parliament, expressed his anger at a BBC News crew that was broadcasting the events in the House of Commons live.

“This incident is inexcusable,” Walker told BBC News. “This is a pathetic reflection on parliamentary Conservatives at all levels, and clearly a very bad reflection on the government of the time.” added.

“I’m furious and, you know, I really shouldn’t say this, but I wish all the people who put Liz Truss in number 10.” I hope it was worth sitting around the table of the It’s for personal gain.”

Early Wednesday hit the Truss hard, even before the chaotic scene unfolded in parliament. Home Secretary Suera Braverman, the minister in charge of immigration and law enforcement, resigned. . She resigned after it was revealed that she had sent her official documents through her personal email account, in violation of government regulations. She apologized for her transgression in her resignation letter, but also accused Truss.

“Government’s job depends on people accepting responsibility for their mistakes. It’s not serious politics to expect things to go well. I made a mistake; I take responsibility: I resign,” Braverman said. It is clear to everyone that these are turbulent times and I am concerned about the direction this government is taking.We have not only broken an important promise made to our voters, We have serious concerns about the government’s commitments, and we respect the manifesto’s commitments.”

But more and more Conservative MPs Desire for truss to go On Thursday, it remained unclear how that would happen.Truss has declared himself a “fighter, not a quitter” and has not shown any intention of stepping down.

Conservative Party rules do not allow a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister within a year. The process — the process by which the party internally elects a new prime minister — brought truss to work about 6 weeks before and after boris johnson banished Amidst a series of scandals. However, party members can change these rules.

In the UK, general elections must be held at least every five years. They are scheduled by governments in power. The deadline for the next election is January 2025, but it can be called at any time during the interim period.

The Truss and Conservatives are polling at historic lows against the opposition Labor Party. That means the Conservative government is very reluctant to hold a general election now for whoever is nominated under Truss or by the party to replace her.

Labor Party members have been demanding new elections for weeks, eager to use the chaos that dominates the opposition to take over the British government for the first time in over a decade.

These calls will never be silenced, even if the Conservative Party decides to launch the truss and hold another leadership contest. Liz Truss resigns as UK Prime Minister

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