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Corpus Christi, Texas — Josh Seahorn has been working in Corpus Christi’s architecture for 10 years. In February, Seahorn decided that it was time for change and began his own adventure. Seahorn architecture and accessibility.. Seahorn said it wasn’t easy to decide, but it was correct.

“It definitely requires a lot of thought, and during a pandemic it’s a difficult decision to get out and start your own business,” he said. I had a lot of projects and was very busy. “

As a new business, much of the work that the Seahorn company received was through word-of-mouth referrals.

“Corpus Christi is a small town. There were some people I had worked with in this town before, and I just talked to them and said,” We want you to see if you’re interested. ” Says, “absolutely.” “

Seahorn is working on both residential and commercial projects. He is also an accessibility specialist and conducts accessibility checks on the site. One of his current projects is the design of a new beer garden in Port Aransas.

“It will be versatile. There will be retail space, restaurant space and beer gardens. It will be an exciting project. I’m really looking forward to it. But it’s just beginning with design.”

As with the beer garden project, Seahorn said that clients often come to him with plans. As an architect, it is his job to realize those plans.

“As architects, we make sure everything fits in the code and design it to look cool,” he said.

A favorite part of Seahorn’s work is seeing his designs come true.

“The design aspect of it has always been something I really enjoyed. It’s very rewarding to create those different spaces and see them come together once the finished design is complete.” He said.

For information on how to book Seahorn services, see Seahorn Architecture & Accessibility. Website..

Local architect branched out to start his own firm Source link Local architect branched out to start his own firm

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