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Local artists finding a deeper reason for the holiday season – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2020-11-29 22:42:46 –

Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA)-For many, the holiday season means gifts, lights, festivals, and more.

However, some local artists in Greenville are using their crafts to give back to the community.

Greenville’s local artist, Sammar Patterson, is on a mission.

“It is very important to be able to give back to the homeless and the underprivileged during such a given time,” Patterson said.

She does exactly that with the art she knows best.

On Sunday, several local artists attended the first annual event, called Sterving Artists, hosted by Patterson.

It was all about raising money for United Housing Connection, a homeless haven here in Greenville.

One of the artists who participated on Sunday was Jared Emerson.

“I just want to bring light,” Emerson said. “I think we can all do a small part of ourselves. My stuff is through art.”

His painting may look like the Statue of Liberty at first glance, but he says it has more than it can see.

“In this work, I call it” One Love. ” I think that’s what we have to do as Americans, “Emmerson said. “That’s what we have to do as whites and blacks like us. Together, we know that we are humanity.”

Patterson says it makes sense to hold such an event during the holiday season.

She says it’s easy to focus on things that don’t last long.

However, these paintings were intended to give people the idea of ​​giving.

“Sometimes they forget that this season it’s about getting gifts, families and festivals, but giving back,” Patterson said. “Life is always grateful, grateful, and above all, something.”

If you are interested in purchasing the work created at this event, please contact Sammar Patterson.

Local artists finding a deeper reason for the holiday season Source link Local artists finding a deeper reason for the holiday season

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