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Local artists will define two concourses of the new airport – Kansas City, Missouri

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Courtesy Debbie Barrett Jones

In all the stories about KCI’s new single-terminal airport concession, the news about the large exhibition of the building’s local art may have been a bit lost in the shuffle.

The 19 spots of work by local artists at the airport are important to the metropolitan area, not only for people living in 12 counties in Missouri and 9 counties in Kansas, but also for growing up and attending college here. Anyone who could prove the connection could participate.

Nine more artists from around the world will be exhibiting their work elsewhere at the airport.

All local art should be housed in the departure lounges of Concourses A and B and fit in a space 4 feet x 20 feet and 4 inches deep.

Each artist has a budget of $ 20,000.

Debbie Barrett Jones 2

Courtesy Debbie Barrett Jones

Including important representatives from local artists was important to those who steer the terminal design.

“Given what the identity of Kansas City is, such as sports teams, barbecues and jazz, it has been seen in the development of the Crossroads Area and First Fridays since the 1990s. Art is another way in Kansas City. Define yourself. And what’s a better way to help people understand that part of our identity than to showcase the work of a local artist? ”In Kansas City Says public art administrator James Martin.

Kansas City artist Kathy Liao incorporates her personal immigration experience into her work. This involves drawing a picture on a shaped canvas and inserting ceramic elements into each. She came to the United States from Taiwan in elementary school and her family is scattered all over the country and around the world.

“I’m thinking a lot about that limbo space. When you leave Kansas City (through the airport), you’re in this limbo space. When you see your dad off, we’re in the same kiosk Go, get the same food, go to the same checkpoint. When the airport proposal comes out, I really have that hello and goodbye experience, the rituals to come, and go, “says Liao.

Her proposed work is a collection of four canvases of various shapes showing scenes with the themes of arrival, departure, and connection.

“Each panel is like a memory of the experience. They all come together, but each can somehow be independent as a small anecdote,” says Liao.

The ceramic element was what she found while trying out a new style during a pandemic.

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Courtesy Catillao

“One of the techniques I use in painting is to think about the layering of memories, the sharpness of memories, and the fragmentation of memories. I decided to incorporate pottery. So I wanted to create a section where I could create a story or theme and cut it out and replace it with ceramic tiles, which would be like a piece of memory, “she says.

For Seaney-based fiber artist Debbie Barrett Jones, the first challenge was to find a way to present her work in such a space unbroken for the environment. She weaves the work, then takes a picture and prints it on a metal sheet to withstand the heavy traffic at the airport.

Her proposed work has a weave pattern on one side and a bare warp (a string on which one is woven) on the other side. The photo shows both.

It was also important to have a color gradient. Some details are still in the air, but she wants the colors to represent different seasons.

Debbie Barrett Jones 3

Courtesy Debbie Barrett Jones

“I really like all sorts of art that isn’t just about relieving stress, but about appreciating it. Undoubtedly, this aspect of the color gradients that occur from right to left in the work is an eye. Will calm you down, “says Barrett Jones.

Having the opportunity to participate in an airport project as a fiber artist was a big problem for her.

“It’s a great honor to be able to introduce textile art like that,” she says.

Currently, all artists are still in the concept stage and the details of their work are subject to change by the deadline next fall.

Martin emphasized that the contribution of a diverse group of artists is very important to the selection panel. About three-quarters of the 28 artists selected for the terminal are of color and women, he said.

In addition to Barrett Jones When Liao, The section of local artists on the airport display includes works from Laura Berman, Mona Cliff, Santiago Kukuru, JT Daniels, Israel Alejandro Garcia Garcia, Rachelle Gardner-Roe, John Hans, Rachel Hubbard Klein, Kwanzaa Humphrey, Molly Kadelka, John Louder, Sean Nash, Stephen Proski, Hasnasal, Katy Toyvanen, Bernadette Esperansatores When Hong Chun Chan..

Kathy Liao 1

Courtesy Catillao

Local artists will define two concourses of the new airport Source link Local artists will define two concourses of the new airport

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