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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-04-07 19:45:00 –

Bishop Reginal Jackson in District 6 of the African Methodist Episcopal Church will be a major Georgia company until next Tuesday to decide whether to oppose Georgia’s new voting law or face a national boycott. Say you are giving.

Georgia-based major companies such as Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, UPS, Southern Company and Aflac are being called upon by religious and civic groups.

“The AME Church has a history of tackling the issue of social justice, and for a long time the Black Church has been called the public consciousness, so we need to call on the public to conscience on this issue, for example,” Jackson said. I told Haley Mason of CBS46.

So far, only Delta and Coca-Cola have taken a public position on Georgia’s new voting law.

“All of these companies quietly said nothing until they discussed the boycott potential,” Jackson said.

The leader of 500 AME churches in Georgia presents the company with a list of four requests.

1. Speak to SB202

2. Lobby against similar law in 47 other states

3. Support the John Lewis Voting Rights Act in Congress

4. Support proceedings from AME Church against SB202

“The fact in question is that the SB202 and 47 other state bills are based on lies, based on the lie that people aren’t confident in the elections because the 2020 elections were stolen,” Jackson said. Said. “They are not confident because they continue to lie that the elections have been stolen.”

He says he’s flying Delta, drinking Coca-Cola, and shopping for his wife at The Home Depot. “Boycott is the last thing we want to do, but we do it when we need it. They take corporate responsibility. I have to do it, “explained Jackson.

Governor Brian Kemp says the boycott threat continues, saying companies are exploring caves to revoke culture, as other Republican leaders say companies should move away from politics. I criticized it.

“When I hear that businesses need to move away from politics, it’s a dog whistle.” Let me do what we want to do. I can’t say anything about me, “said James Woodall, chairman of the NAACP, Georgia. Told. .. “It’s kind of like a gatekeeper mechanism that keeps corrupting like they do,” Woodall added.

The Georgian NAACP has not requested a boycott, but has stated that it is standing as an ally and will attend the meeting on Tuesday.

Jackson says his network of support is wide.

“We have a National Network of Actions. This morning I spoke with Rev. Al Sharpton, a national black church synod representing major African-American denominations across the country. The National City Alliance also Yes, there are many national organizations, “said Jackson, adding that national soloities, friendships, and public service groups are preparing to encourage members not to buy from the company.

“We expect all black denominations in this country to be part of this boycott. It will be a national effort … we hope to be millions. hoping.”

Local Bishop postpones boycott to meet with Georgia execs over voting law | News Source link Local Bishop postpones boycott to meet with Georgia execs over voting law | News

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