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Local boy battles cancer, helps kids with cancer – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-08-01 05:30:38 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Strong, brave, and fearless is exactly what you can do Learn about Xavier Alvarez.

Xavier has been in business for over a year. He designs, manufactures and sells jewelery such as key chains, earrings and other collectibles made of parlor beads.

He says they make him happy, that’s why he wanted to make more: to make others happy. He is not selling jewelry and is donating to children fighting cancer.

“What people take for granted in life is that other people are actually fighting,” Xavier said.

Xavier is talking about his life.

“What I have experienced is to prevent it from happening to other children and adults,” Xavier said.

Last year he was diagnosed with cancer.

Xavier started chemotherapy at the age of eight, but was allergic to the drug and his health deteriorated.

“He fell into septic shock,” said Xavier’s mother, Elizabeth Alvarez.

Xavier’s parents, Elizabeth and Jaime, say he was airlifted to the UCLA Medical Center. Xavier underwent multiple surgeries for seven months, taking several medications and fighting.

His family did not spend time with Xavier as they wanted for a pandemic.

“It was emotionally very difficult not only for me, but for both of us. I didn’t know if he would live another day and if he was away from him. It was very difficult. did.”

It’s been a year since Xavier defeated the infection.. He is currently fighting leukemia at the age of nine, but he hasn’t stopped doing what he loves, such as riding dirt bikes, playing soccer, and selling handmade jewelry.

“Things are starting to open as he actually donates much of his design to other children with cancer locally and wants to continue it in the hospital for the children. “Tara,” said Elizabeth. Hopefully, if things get more open, he can go to the hospital and give them to the children themselves. “

Until then, Xavier will continue to fight and become the Vegas Strong Champion of 13 Action News.

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