Local brewery honors victims of Uvalde school shooting – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2022-05-30 00:37:55 –

Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) — A local brewery praised the life lost in a shooting at a school in Yuvarde when more than 20 people gathered at Naftsgar Park with posters and candles on Sunday. Chants filled the air of downtown Wichita with people seeking change.

Marissa Gonzalez, the organizer of Candlelight Vigil, said:

Marissa Gonzalez said she was frustrated when she realized that nothing was done in Wichita to help the affected families.

“This affects everyone in the country, not just the people in the city and the state,” Gonzales said. “This kind of law that allowed this kind of tragedy to occur is the law of almost every state, especially Kansas.”

With the full support of the owner of Norton’s Brewing Company, she picked up a poster board and markers and set about to work.

“I just want people to show up,” Gonzales said. “I just want them to be careful. I just want them to show up. I want them to be careful. I mourn with my neighbors, showing that everyone in the country is affected by this tragedy. I want it. “

The owner of Norton, Dan Norton, had three children at school and couldn’t imagine experiencing this for himself.

“Like many other families, I don’t want my kids’ school to be in the news and the most horrifying things in our lives happen to my family,” Norton said. rice field. “I can’t even imagine what those parents experienced when they received the call. It’s a pain.”

Both believe that school children should be better protected from such incidents.

“I don’t know the answer,” Norton said. “I know getting a weapon is too easy. I should do a little more to limit who can get a weapon.”

“A 18-year-old kid can’t buy a pack of cigarettes, but there’s no reason he can have two AR-15s,” Gonzales said. “That doesn’t seem logical to me. How can I go to the country to serve at the age of 18 and start a school at the same time?”

Norton staff say they want to donate directly to the affected families and are working on plans to make that happen.

Local brewery honors victims of Uvalde school shooting Source link Local brewery honors victims of Uvalde school shooting

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