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Local business owners facing ongoing supply chain challenges – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — There are many reports of the domestic and global implications of supply chain problems, but what’s really happening here in southern Colorado? Patrick Nelson of News5 digs deeper with local businesses to clarify the impact of supply chain issues and what they mean for us as consumers.

It affects everything from craft beer to handmade candles. Small business owners throughout the Pikes Peak region tell News5 that they had to be creative to overcome the ongoing supply chain problems that continue to arise near their homes.

“It’s a pretty process. It’s fun, systematic, with lots of math and science, but the end result is a high quality, hand-poured, non-toxic candle,” said the owner of the Sky Candle Company. Said Sarah Freeman.

The Freeman’s Store is located in the heart of the Manitou Springs business community. Its meticulous work to make these local candles is only more difficult due to supply chain issues she says are real.

“Very real. Very real. Sometimes there are containers, fragrances, or items that you can’t make because you can’t get those products,” Freeman said. Get something that you can usually order easily. “

With so many local businesses in the Pikes Peak region sharing these challenges, consultants assigned by the Small Business Development Center have been working to find a solution.

“We’re saying it’s time to guide an existing business and think about another product line that might be able to fill the gap, or are the entrepreneurs sitting there aware of this? I’m seeing if I have the means right away. ” Steve Imke, a consultant at the Small Business Development Center.

Freeman quickly pivoted and found help from the locals who could supply a container to hold her precious candles.

“I have even worked with local artists who make glass containers and pottery,” Freeman said.

At the Red Leg Brewing Company in Colorado Springs, supply chain issues are also affecting things here and now.

“Yes, the supply chain problem is a reality. It’s a problem. Not only is it happening in California, where shipping container boats are seen idle, but yields are said to be reduced by 39%,” Red Leg said. Says. Todd Baldwin, President and Founder of Brewing Company.

However, not only does it affect the making of the beer itself, it is also more difficult to distribute.

“Next, let’s talk about aluminum. Aluminum cans and how to get them. Cardboard boxes, can lids, and actually six pak rings that hold them together,” Baldwin said. increase. It’s now 18 weeks to put in the tap handle. It’s as easy and time consuming as dispensing a product. “

So what does this all mean to us as consumers?

“The cost will be higher,” Baldwin said. “The increase in cost is passed on to consumers. The price rise.”

But small businesses say consumers’ willingness to pay a little more to shop locally this holiday season will continue to hire people.

“You know it affects customers, and without them I can’t pay my people,” Baldwin said.

“If more people come, it will mean the world to me,” Freeman said.

If you are a small business owner with advice available, or have an idea to start a business to solve a supply chain issue, please contact the Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center.


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Local business owners facing ongoing supply chain challenges Source link Local business owners facing ongoing supply chain challenges

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