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Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-05-20 14:44:25 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Lighting our valley is a serious business. From the lights outside the strip to the lights inside the resort, no one does it well.

In this week’s Nevada Built, 13 action news anchors, Todd Quinones, will introduce you to the companies that are brightening our lives.

here CNC light shapeThey are making custom designs.

Design & build

“We design and build everything here,” says owner Mike Jonsen.

He says he has cranked out a variety of lights of all kinds since 2006. From nightclubs and poker machines to the aquarium lights found in the previous Las Vegas-based TV series Tanked.

“It’s really funky because it has not only the lights, but also the etching of the background, which gives it a really kind of three-dimensional look,” says Todd. “Yes, it’s a combination of an infinity mirror and a black hole. If so, it’s the type of image in the middle,” says Michael.

Michael can put the light anywhere.

Unique idea

“And these are illuminated cabinets,” says Michael. “Oh, this is great,” Todd says.

How about the lights under the counter?

“Who wants this? Who are your customers, you know, this is what we want,” says Todd. “High-end homes are where it traditionally goes. We have built some restaurants,” says Michael.

And these are not your typical wall lights.

“It might be a little red or pink. Yeah. It’s easy,” says Todd. “OK,” says Michael.


“It’s really simple, and with almost unlimited options,” says Todd. “Oh, yes, and at home you may need different rooms with different colors, different lights, different on or off, or whatever you want to do,” says Michael.

Inside the Desert Inn and his store near 15, light displays often begin with manufacturing, laser engraving, and even sandblasting. Everything to get the look you want. Like this retail display, they are working on it.

“And I look here, is this a finished product? I guess,” Todd says. “Yes, that’s it,” says Michael.

CNC LightShapes helps shape Las Vegas to be brighter.

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