Local DACA recipients respond to federal judge’s ruling on new DACA applications – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-07-18 22:40:17 –

Tulsa, Oklahoma-2 News spoke to DACA recipients who shared their concerns after a federal judge found the deferred childhood arrival program or DACA illegal and suspended approval of the new application.

The judge said President Barack Obama had exceeded his authority when he created the program in 2012.

Robin Sherman, director of the Tulsa Immigration Resources Network, says the ruling shattered the American Dream’s hopes for many DACA applicants.

DACA recipient Cynthia Trejo says she has lived in Tulsa for 25 years.

She is one of the thousands of DACA immigrants who were brought to the country when she was only three years old and illegally brought to the United States.

“I was able to graduate from high school and get a bachelor’s degree. Since I am now a teacher, my mother wanted a safer and more stable life for both of us.” Trejo says.

The DACA program has given thousands of people like Trejo protection from deportation.

You are also allowed access to work, driving and school.

She has been a winner since 2012, when President Obama created the program, and has updated her application status every two years since then.

“It may be possible to submit the first application, but it is clear that there will be no approval from the ruling until the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals or the Parliamentary Act is again challenged,” Sherman told 2 News. ..

Her program provides DACA eligible candidates with a free agent.

According to Sherman, executives under President Trump’s administration tried to cancel the DACA program, but the U.S. Supreme Court said in 202 that the administration had not properly terminated the program and kept it alive. Arbitrated.

Until December 2020, you could only submit renewals of your DACA application to the US Citizens and Immigration Department.

“Since December, we have begun to submit those first applications, and now it’s July 2021 and we’re back on the same ship,” says Sherman.

She states that the new ruling has suspended the approval of applications from those who were in the process of becoming DACA recipients, creating further uncertainty in their future.

“They have no hope of what happened as I wanted,” Trejo said.

Sherman says Congress needs to act under this law to provide a more permanent solution.

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Local DACA recipients respond to federal judge’s ruling on new DACA applications Source link Local DACA recipients respond to federal judge’s ruling on new DACA applications

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