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Riverside, California 2021-09-20 06:04:08 –

Corpus Christi, Texas-The beginning of the pandemic was an uncertain time for entrepreneurs to start a local business.

However, some of the coastal bends here have been successful despite difficult circumstances.

Business applications almost doubled in the first months of the 2020 pandemic, from just over 234,000 in April to just over 558,000 in July, according to data from the US Census Bureau.

Here at Coastal Bend, some local business owners said social media is helping them run their businesses.

Emilio Venegas, owner Southside tacos, Opened in January. He said he was adapting using Facebook, Instagram and curbside pickups.

“Providing takeaway and delivery … not everyone is happy with it, so we’re trying to set them all so that people don’t have to go to a restaurant,” said Venice. “We are just giving everyone a choice.”

Owner of Sal Vatore Colicci, Monkey Bronx Pizza Downtown Berluna said that most of his business is always eating. But because of the pandemic, he is currently focusing on curbside, takeaway, and courier.

“Especially in the last few weeks of the new Delta variant, people seem to be a little more worried,” Korich said. “I have definitely seen an influx of our online activities.”

Both employers said they were aware of some additional challenges, such as having to adapt to staff shortages and getting the supplies they needed. Both survived the February freeze in Texas, which they said had an impact on the business.

“And we even have the weird problem of not being able to get Mexican cola … I’ve heard that Mexican drinks and certain flavors of Jarisco have a lack of glass and a lack of plastic. I can’t get the product I need. ”

“Inflation, yes, product availability,” added Coricci.

However, neither says they regret starting the business during the pandemic.

“You have the opportunity and you have to have a plan,” said Venegas. “If I wasn’t confident in the market there and the plans we made for it, I wouldn’t have jumped into it.”

Economists can expect to see more entrepreneurs in Coastal Bend in the future as broadband availability, better internet speeds, and technical knowledge make it easier to bring businesses online. Said.

“I was really very impressed and surprised by the amount of business and support that came from opening the restaurant during the pandemic,” said Coricci. “It was great.”

Local entrepreneurs moving ahead during pandemic Source link Local entrepreneurs moving ahead during pandemic

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